Anterior Shoulder Pain

Saturday March 29, 2014


SuperRack stretch x30″
Pigeon Stretch x30″
Prone PVC dislocates x10
Prone Snow angels x20

Warm up:

Run 800m
-then 2 rounds of-

10 Wall Facing Squats
10 Wall Extensions
10 BTN Barbell Thrusters


 15 minutes to establish a:

3 Rep Max Thruster

 Notes: This can be taken from the rack. 

Partner Conditioning:

Teams of 2, one working at a time:

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

50 KBS (53/35)
50 Pull ups
50 Box jump overs (20)
50 Dumbbell Snatch (50/35)

 Try and partner up with someone of similar ability.  Ideally there will be one barbell, one box and one dumbbell per team.

Cool Down:

Accumulate 50 arch rocks
Accumulate 50 Ab Mat sit ups (No momentum)
Posterior chain flossing
Wrist Stretching
Pigeon Stretch


This is a great link to an article touching on the causes for anterior shoulder pain and simple treatments to help correct and offset the negative effects of postural dysfunction. Thanks Xana!

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