Give Yourself a Break

Saturday March 22


10:30 am class in Venice is CANCELLED for the Travis Brewer Calisthenics Clinic from 11-noon.


Snow Angels x20
Bird Dogs x15
Handstand Hold x45″

Warm up:

2 min Jump Rope
2 rounds of:
10 V-ups
10 Arch rocks
10 Push ups
10 Side Planks with side kicks
5 Tuck Jumps


20 Minutes to establish a 1RM Shankle Complex.

Notes: Perform 1 Deadlift, 3 Clean pulls, 1 Squat Clean, 2 Jerks

 Partner Conditioning:

 For time:

 60 toes to bar (as a pair)

10 rounds of:
6 Dumbbell snatches (50/35)
6 Box jump overs (24/20)

 While one partner performs 6 Dumbbell snatches the other performs 6 Box jump over the box. Continue alternating until 10 total sets are complete.

60 dumbbell push presses (50/35, as a pair)

60 pull-ups (as a pair)

 -20 min time cap

 Cool Down:

Pigeon Stretch x45″ (Try using a bench)
Cobra Stretch x45″
Foam Roll T-spine/Lats 1-2 min

With only two workouts to go, just like that, the open season is almost over! I know over the past few months you guys have trained extremely hard, picking up Outlaw programming full time, increasing your volume, intensity, and overall load of work. Physically it can be exhausting but mentally it can really take its toll, making “burnout” a very real scenario. Coming into the gym day in and day out makes it extremely challenging to bring the same intensity all the time.

To make things worse, the open is very stressful! Many of you probably spend a lot of your day strategizing, worrying, getting excited, getting nervous, and wondering how your fellow athletes are doing. All of this can wear you down if your not careful. But with only two weeks left, just stick it out to the finish, you’ve come so far. After that, feel free to take some time off! Its not going to kill you, in fact, it WILL be much more beneficial to your development as a crossfit athlete. Every other sport has an “off season”, why shouldn’t we? The offseason must be built into your programing as it will help you completely recharge your batteries and finally give your body adequate time to heal. 

The duration is up to you. I suggest at least 1-2 weeks depending on how burnt out you are feeling now. While you are taking your off-season, try new things, go to swim night, track night, yoga, ride your bike, play basketball, golf, run on the beach. I recommend that you try to stay somewhat active but only do things because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. Have fun! Remember, the offseason is about mentally recharging as well as physically healing. If you are still peaking, and crushing PR’s, then you probably don’t need the rest…yet.

I personally can attest to this as I just underwent a mini-offseason. I injured my hip nearly 3 weeks ago which basically forced me to sit on the sidelines. I couldn’t do anything with my legs and every time I tried to get back in the gym and work on other things, my hip would hurt worse the next day. So I said screw it, and I didn’t do any crossfit for about 1.5 weeks. mentally I was worn down, I was frustrated, angry, and I really had zero interest in any thing that had to do with crossfit at that point. What I did do was start riding my bike everywhere, to work, to the gym, and just for leisure. Physically I needed something to keep some blood flowing. But mentally, riding my bike helped give me time to clear my thoughts and start seeing things in a different perspective. Had I not been injured and taken a break, I never would have experienced. Now my hip is not completely healed but I have returned to the gym and I feel amazing! I can’t remember moving so well with Cleans and push jerks. My lockout out the top feels solid (I was dealing with some shoulder issues–90% gone now), my speed feels quick, and above all, I feel excited to train again! Two weeks off really made a huge difference for me, and I really believe it will for you as well. Remember why you do started crossfit–it makes you feel amazing after a workout, gets you in the best shape of your life, and is fun! When you start to lose focus of these things, then maybe its time for a little break.


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