Friday Night Lights 14.1

HERE WE GO! Another year, another open! This year should be quite exciting with all the hard work our athletes have been putting in over the last year. Coming together to put our blood sweat and tears in to a wod leaving us with Fran lung and some serious DOMS is what we are all about and what we are most proud of. We will be running heats from 5-8 pm with a couple heats in the middle for our potential team members.

Until we know the 14.1 wod time we will assume heats will be run every half hour. 

Rules of the Open have changed and any person in contention for Regionals must film every workout and HQ could pick you and any wod you do at random for review. Please make sure you have some means of filming your wod or have arranged a way and we will help get hands to do filming.


Josh’s Rollin Rib BBQ Joint, Buddy Pops and Advanced Athletics Bar will be on site slanging food and desserts. Invite your friends and family to come celebrate the collection of bad asses preforming their best.

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