1st Friday Night Lights in the Books!

Saturday Feb 29, 2014


Scapular Push ups/Circles(Clockwise/counter) x15 each
Banded Overhead Distraction x1min
Super rack stretch x1min

 Warm up:

350m Row

2 Rounds with Barbell

5 Good Mornings
5 Front Squats
5 Push Press
5 Push Jerk
5 Split Jerk


15 mins to establish 3 RM Jerk

Notes: Set up blocks or use a rack to work your way up to a heavy triple. Focus on remaining upright for the dip and driving the bar in a straight line upwards while popping your head forward.

Partner Conditioning:

Teams of 2 complete 5 rounds of:

20 T2B

ME Hang Snatch (135/95)

-30 min time cap-

 Notes: Partner 1 performs t2b while partner 2 performs as many hang snatches as possible, then switch. Each partner does each movement 5 times. Score is total hang snatches. 

 Cool Down: 

GHD Hip Extensions 20-15-10
Side Plank with Side Kicks 20-15-10
Cobra Stretch x1’
Couch Stretch x1’
Wrist DROM

The Boz bringin’ the intensity

For those of you that took part in your first Friday Night Lights, what did you think? Pretty awesome right?! Its one hell of a way to start the open season. I think that we had even more people participate this go round than last year. Its such a unique experience, the crowd of spectators were amazing, the intensity was sky high and  the level of enthusiasm is even higher. For those of you who were former athletes, its a very familiar sensation, giving it your all in front of a crowd of people, but the only difference is with event is that EVERYONE is cheering you on. Everyone wants you to do well and perform at your best. The positive energy is palpable and regardless of outcome, everyone goes home happy. 

I spoke with many people who were on the fence about doing the Open, but decided not to sign up once double unders were announced. I understand the apprehension, I really do. But the beauty with the Open is that there are 5 workouts. Each workout is designed to fit different athletes strengths and also expose eventually their weaknesses. For many of you, your arch nemesis, the double under, happened to show up on the very first workout. But thats the good news, there are FOUR more opportunities put a solid number up on the board. Last year was the first year that I completed all 5 workouts. The year before I only completed 3, but the learning experience was invaluable. I think its so cool that you can look back 2-3-4 years ago and see where you were, and where you are now. So if your still on the fence, I highly recommend that you take this opportunity to sign up and come join us next friday for all the fun! I PROMISE YOU, you will not regret it.

“What you gave is history, but what you fail to give is Lost”

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