Get your Pullup!

Week 1 of the EIE Challenge!  Click HERE to fill in your goals.

We will be posting fun Weekly Challenges over the next 6 weeks as well, so whether you are an official Challenger or not, we will be encouraging you to participate!  This first weekly challenge is to prioritize your sleep!  Try to get a minimum of 7hrs of sleep, ideally on a set schedule and power down all our electronic devices like phone, TV, laptop, etc, at least an hour before you go to sleep.

Weekly Programming:  Group Class, Advanced, Venice Barbell Club

Monday, January 20, 2014


Overhead Band Distraction
Keg Drill
Monster Walks


2 minutes Jump Rope and Double Under practice
10 Wall Squats
10 Good Mornings
10 BtN Press
10 Front Squats
10 Push Press
10 Hang Cleans
10 Jerks


Take 10 min to establish a 2 RM Hang Clean +1 Jerk, then perform:

5 minute EMOM 2 Hang Cleans +1 Jerk @ 85% of above

Classic Conditioning

In 10 minutes, perform 4 Rounds of:
10 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
15 Toes-to-bar
35 Double Unders

After the 4 rounds, amrap of bar facing burpees until the 10:00 time cap. Your burpees are your score!

Notes: Substitute tuck/v-ups for toes to bar and 1 minute of Double Under attempts if you struggle with this movement. If you cannot perform a single DU, then perform 100 single unders focusing on form.

Advanced Conditioning

In 10 Minutes, perform 4 Rounds of:
10 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
20 Toes-to-bar
50 Double Unders

After the 4 rounds, amrap of bar facing burpees until the 10:00 time cap. Your burpees are your score!

Cool Down

2 Rounds of:
10 Jefferson Curls with Barbell, hold 10 seconds on last rep
10 Dislocates with PVC or weighted PVC
10 GHD Hip Extensions
Sampson Stretch, 30 sec each

Notes:  People may start on different stations to allow for GHD usage.

The infamous Basilio Muscle-up

Two of the things I discussed at the Potluck  on Saturday were the legacy that I wanted to leave after this EIE Challenge and what we have learned from past Challenges that we wanted to improve upon.  The answer came down to a single concept:  focused goal setting.  We find that in these challenges and CrossFit in general, people get overwhelmed with wanting to improve everything at once.  We want to reinforce the idea that if you focus on one thing at a time, that you can create greater long term success than if you try to do everything all at the same time just for a challenge.  So for all of you that wrote 2,3,4 or even 5 goals, we want you to try and PICK ONE GOAL that YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH IN 6 WEEKS and focus on making it happen!  In 6 weeks, when you see how fast the time flies by and how much change you can make when you focus, you can set your sights on the next goal and the next and the next.


Below is an example of focused work for How to get a strict pull-up:

Perform the following exercises 3 days per week.  Meaning, each week you will alternate performing one of these exercises twice.  You can perform them anytime you want, before or after workouts, between workouts, etc.  Just make sure you are properly warmed up!

Vary your grip from day to day: chin-up (palms toward you), pullup (palms away), wide grip, narrow grip or a combination of these (narrow chin-up).  You may also perform these movements in a challenging ring row variation if you do not have a spotter available.   Perform the same grip for all sets and reps on a given day, do not vary your grip to make a set easier.

Prioritize quality over quantity and be honest with yourself.  Be sure to develop strength through the full Range of Motion.  This means to make sure you show control through the very top and bottom positions for every rep!  Over the course of weeks you can increase your reps/sets.

Ideally use a spotter instead of a band.  The spotter can help just as much as needed to get through the reps and sets.  If spotting at the waist is too challenging, try having the athlete bend their knees and cross their feet behind them.  The spotter holds the feet and the athlete can press through their legs to help out.  For all variations be sure to prioritize maintaining a tight midline!

Exercise #1:  The Negative

-Start with your chin over the bar, hold for a full second, then lower yourself slowly to the bottom.  From the bottom you can jump back up to the top for the next rep.
-Perform 3-5 sets of 5 reps with a 90sec rest between sets.  Start with a 3 second negative and work up to a 7 second lowering time per rep.

NOTES:  Remember to vary your grip.  Do not perform more reps/sets than you can maintain quality.  Remember every rep you need to start with your chin over the bar and control the entire movement, including those bottom couple inches!  Use a spotter as needed.


Exercise #2:  Assisted Strict Pullup

-Be sure to start with your arms fully extended, body in hollow position and feet off the floor.  To perform each rep, you must initiate the pullup without any swing, get your chin over the bar and then control the whole way down.
-Perform 3 sets of 10-15 reps with a 90sec rest between sets.

NOTES:  Remember to pick one grip and stick with it for all reps/sets.  Do not perform more reps/sets than you can maintain quality.  Every rep must start with your arms fully extended and control the entire movement up and down.  Review the spotter variations as needed.

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