2014. Blank Canvas.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Foam roll IT band
Downdog calf stretch
Samson/Gristle /Groiners


Jog 400 meters
20 Walking lunges
20 Backward walking lunges
10 Cossack squats
Jog 200 meters
20 Leg swings (each direction!)
10 Inchworms


a) 5 sets of: 4×10 yards out and back (sprint!)
b) 5 sets of 5 max height bounding box jumps

 Notes:  Alternate between a and b.  The box jumps should be performed without a pause or reset at the bottom.  This might mean your box is not very high and thats ok because we are working on agility!


“Run, Cindy, Run”
Run 1 mile
AMRAP 20 minutes:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats
Run 1 mile

 Notes:  Scale the pushups and pullups to ensure full Rom!

Cool down:

15 GHD Sit ups
15 Back extensions

Post by Brenda:

A new year is (almost) here! & as corny as it may be, as a painter, I like to think of each new year (new month, new day!) as a blank canvas. No “mistakes”, no blunders, no should-have-this-should-have-that. Only our ideas, hopes, dreams, plans, goals and a clean canvas staring back at us. Full of possibility. Absolutely pristine. Its amazing really…when you think about it. Completely blank to make and create anything we choose. WE ARE THE ARTISTS OF OUR LIVES.

For the past 5 years I have hosted a new years “vision board” party with my closest family and friends. Its amazing what happens when you get a group of people together with the purpose of establishing clear goals  and sharing their “visions” for the upcoming year… setting out to LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE !  Anything from nutrition/fitness goals, career goals, to relationship goals & so much more.  Give it a try! 

Happy 2014! … & Happy “Painting”.

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