Training on The Road

Saturday Dec 27 2013–



Keg drill 1-2 min
Gymnastic Leg swings x10 ea leg
Wall Squats x10

Partner Warm-up: Alternate between 200 m run and designated movements

a. ME Push ups
b. ME Box Jumps
c. ME Sit ups
d. ME Burpees

Partner 1 and 2 alternate between 200 m run and ME, push ups, box jumps, sit ups, and burpees. 75-80% intensity
Sequence goes as follows: Partner 1 runs 200m, while partner 2 performs ME push ups, when partner 1 returns, they switch. Partner 2 returns he moves on to ME box jumps 24/20, while partner 1 runs 200 m, so on and so forth until both partners have completed the designated movements and run a total of 800 m each.


Partner conditioning:

2000 meter sprint, each person performs 5 200m sprints, alternating

50 Over your Partner Burpees, alternate every 5 reps

2000 meter row, each person performs 5 200m rows, alternating

50 Wall Balls, alternate every 5 reps
1000′ Bear Crawl, each person performs 5 100′ crawls, alternating

50 Partner Med Ball Situps, alternating every rep

-30 min cap-


Notes:  One person working at a time for the entire workout.  For the situps, setup with your feet facing each other, touch the ball to the ground behind your head, situp and pass the ball to your partner.


Cool Down:

As a group, accumulate:

2’ L-sit
2’ Min Handstand hold
2’ Hollow Hold
Cobra Stretch x1’
Pigeon Stretch x1’

I have been in Florida (visiting my family) and Pennsylvania (visiting Lindsay’s Family) for the last 10 days now. I realize now more that ever how traveling to different places can impact your training. In Florida it was fairly easy (the commute that is), I was withing 10-15 min drive of two different gyms, both pretty good ones that allowed me to follow my own programing. The challeneging part was the god awful humidity. Holding onto the bar became near impossible 5 min into a workout. Each box literally felt like working out inside of a box, the air became suffocatingly thick when everyone starting their WOD. I felt like I was exercising on the Biggest Loser rather than trying to prepare for the Open.

Then we made a trip to Northeastern PA. In the middle of nowhere, closest crossfit gym, 1 hr 15 min drive. Closest Globo gym, 50 min drive. That is if we weren’t snowed in. Our first trip was to a CF gym, we were a few minutes late, and they were very restrictive on using their “CF space”. We were only allowed to use the Globo Gym’s space that just so happened to be connected to the “CF gym”. So we took that opportunity to work on strength (bench press, pull ups, squating) and we ended up not performing a single CF workout that day. Day 2, we made the trek to another CF gym on Xmas day. We drove a total of 2 hrs and 30 min only for them to tell us that we only had 45 min to workout. Huge bummer but we were able to work on snatches. Day 3, we drove almost an hour to a different Globo gym. It had the same basic equipment as any other gym, so we worked on strength (pressing, squatting, DB snatches) and we even were able to get creative by incorporating some EMOM’s into the mix, alternating between DB pressing and chin ups. We even got in a met con EMOM of t-mill running and burpees, which ended up being a great stimulus. Day 4, drove the 2:30 round trip to the last CF box. We were both feeling exhausted from all of the driving, but we still managaed to have some fun and get in some solid strength training with some accessory work.

My detailed workout diary is basically to show that if training really is important to you, there is always a way to make it happen. You may have to modify your programming, you may not have the luxury of working out for 2 hours, and the intensity may be limited by excessive driving, sub optimal diet, and lack of sleep. BUT, you can still find a way to fit it in. Whatever situation you find yourself in on the road, think outside the box, get creative, try new machines. Its not nearly as fun working out in globo gyms, but you can always work on getting stronger and more in shape while your there. (squating, pressing, squating, pulling, squating, running, and squating 🙂

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