Thursday, December 26th, 2013


Monster walks (lateral/forward/back)
Tricep mash
Lat activations


Row 500 Meters easy, then-
2 Rounds:
10 Wall Squats 
Plank Hold 45 sec
5-15 push ups
10 Wallballs
Sampson Stretch 3o sec


5 Rounds:

3 Back Squat, heavy as possible
5 Strict HSPU plus ME kipping HSPU

 Notes:  For the HSPU, if you can perform more than 15 kipping reps, be sure to add a deficit.  If you cannot perform any HSPU with full ROM, scale down to a pike position or use a partner and perform 5 challenging strict variations plus ME regular pushups.

Advanced Strength:

1a) 4X2/4 FS/BS @ 94% of last week rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X5 Strict HSPU + ME Kipping HSPU (regionals standard) – rest 60 sec.

Note: This should be performed as one consecutive set. If your first round total reps are over 20, add a plate or parallettes for a deficit.  If you cannot perform 5 strict HSPU, do not perform partial ROM, get a partner to help you with full ROM and get stronger!


 4X1000m Row

Rest after rounds: 1 – 3:00, 2 – 2:00, 3 – 1:00

Notes:  Feel free to perform 800m runs or reduce the rowing distance to 750m if y0ur pace is below 2:15/500m.

Cool Down: 

Couch Stretch
Foam Roll Legs

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season! As many other coaches have discussed this is a time of goal setting and the beginning of the preseason for the CrossFit Games. I know the holidays usually involve time away from our usual routines. Many of us travel home where we do not have access to the many nutritional privileges that come with living in Los Angeles. Some of us don’t have many options when we head to family dinners or out with friends, and these last weeks in the year can lead to some poor choices when it comes to what we decide to eat and drink. I thought a lot about the one thing that affects our performance (especially when we find ourselves having that extra drink or two) during this time, and that is water! If you can’t control the food that surrounds you or how many drinks you decide to imbibe this holiday season, I at least encourage you to try to up your intake of water. It may seem like an easy thing, but many of us forget to drink enough water this time of the year.  Check out Frank’s excellent post on this topic.… /2013/02/07/stay-thirsty-my-friends/

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