Planning Ahead

Friday, December 20, 2013


Shoulder External Rotation
Step Aways w/Theraband

Warm Up:

400 meter Run
20 Grasshoppers
10 T-Push ups
10 Strict Pull ups or Ring Rows
10 Good Mornings w/barbell


4 Rounds:

5 Strict Press – heaviest possible – rest 60 seconds
5 Bent Over Row – heaviest possible – rest 60 seconds

Notes: This will require two barbells.  Perform by alternating between movements and try to stick to the rest intervals, but add weight as needed!

  The weight does not return to the ground between reps on the bent over row.

Classic Conditioning:

3 rounds:

2 Rope Climb
4 Snatches at 75% 1RM
6 Front Squats at the same weight
8 Handstand Push Ups

– 15 minute cap – 

Notes:  If you cannot perform the two rope climbs, perform 12 strict ring rows.  The snatches do not have to be full squat and feel free to sub heavy cleans if you struggle with heavy snatch weight.  If you cannot perform full ROM for the HSPU, sub pike pushups or DB presses.

Advanced Conditioning:


3 rounds for time of:

1 Legless Rope Climb
2 Snatches 225/145#
3 Back Squats 365/245#
4 Parallette HSPU 13/9 (to top of parallette)

Notes:  This is a VERY advanced workout.   We are posting it to show the capabilities of advanced athletes.

Cool Down:

100 Abmat Sit ups 

The new year is right around the corner and as a gym we are going to be participating in a “Challenge” in mid January with the date TBA.  Over the past few months everyone has been working extremely hard and are really enjoying the programming.  You all have made huge strides reaching your fitness goals and are gaining confidence every day.  Over the next few weeks try to realize what your strengths and weaknesses are and determine what you need work on specifically.  Everyone has something they are striving for and everyone wants to be better.

 Now is the perfect opportunity to come up with a game plan.    

Have a great Holiday!

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