Magnificent Meek

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Theraband External Rotations
Reverse Snow Angels
Wall Extentions

Warm Up

2 Rounds:
10 Scapula Pushups
Crab Walk 50′
Hollow Hold 1 min
Inch Worms 50′

Gymnastics Skill/Strength:

4x 20sec Ring Support, rest 40sec
5x 3 Kipping Muscleup transitions, hardest variation possible, rest as needed – DEMO
4x 30sec Hollow Hold, rest 30sec
4x 30sec Arch Hold, rest 30sec

 For Quality:

10 – 1 Reps of:
Candle Stick Roll into Pistols, alternating – DEMO
Monkey Hangs – DEMO
-12 min cap-

Notes: Everyone take the time to mobilize your ankles for the pistols and see what a difference it makes!  If you cannot perform the roll to pistol, try using a 5-10lb plate and as you roll forward use that for momentum.  If that does not work, perform deck squats.  For the monkey hangs, your hand must go from the bar, touch your thigh and back to the bar for the rep to count (left/right equals 2 reps).  You can scale this with a band or hang with both hands for 5 seconds per rep (eg, 50sec, 45sec, 40sec, etc).

Cool Down:

20 PVC Dislocates


Meek MeekStitch
Saturday Birthday Family WOD!

Choosing to feature Kaitlin was the easiest decision. Always the most up beat, enthusiastic person in the room, she never ceases to inspire all those around her. Without fail she’ll make you smile and start to think more positively about even the most difficult wods. Kaitlin I hope you continue to grow in all aspects of your life and thank you for being apart of our PCF community!!

When did you start doing Crossfit?

June 2010 (at Heyday Crossfit in San Pedro, CA). I came to Paradiso in July 2012.


What is it the that brought you in the door?

I’ve been an athlete my whole life, and in college I really missed participating in team sports and having an exercise routine (though I did not miss my 5:30 AM workouts!). I shared this with my dad and he recommended I try out a family friend’s gym that was close to my summer internship. He said they do Crossfit and that I’d really like it. The first time I stepped into their box and saw 5 hot guys working out, I was sold. Just kidding. I was sold after the awesome workout and coaching I got and had really been missing.

What is your favorite part about Paradiso?

My favorite part about Paradiso – and about Crossfit in general – is the community. To have a group of diverse people – in age, interests, race, athletic ability, professions, backgrounds – come together in one place, all doing something really great for themselves, and supporting each other while they’re doing it is incredible.

Though I don’t participate in everything Paradiso puts on, the community activities/events that you guys orchestrate is so rad and something I’m grateful for as it further fosters the community that Crossfit naturally generates.

I believe it’s that very community and its dynamic that allow for so many of us to achieve what we do in the gym, and ultimately in life. Life is not about living individualistically. And I think we’ve been conditioned to think so. Life is about other people, about being there for others. And I really get that when I’m in our box.

What is your favorite move? Least favorite? Why?

Favorite: kettlebell swings, wall balls, air squats, rowing – my favorite movements are the ones that engage my entire body and where I feel like a BADASS.

Least Favorite: push ups, pull ups, doubleunders – I think, like most people, my least favorite moves are the ones I am not as efficient in. My brother once told me, “the things you least want to do are the things you should do,” so while those movements are my least favorite I know there’s purpose in me completing them, and that’s to get better at them.

How has Crossfit effected your life/happiness/job/family?

Wow, yeah. I’m just now thinking about this question. Crossfit has truly affected all areas of my life. It’s been 3 years so I’ll put some highlights into categories. Here we go…


– Crossfit turned me on to clean eating, and after educating myself 2 years ago on all things paleo I learned how to cook, and I now cook for myself every night.

– Through sharing my knowledge, baking, and cooking, 8 people in my life have transitioned to a paleo diet.

– I’ve done hardcore training in my life (I played water polo and volleyball), and I am currently the fittest, strongest, and healthiest I’ve ever been (no panting on hikes for me and I can ski an entire day of blacks without getting tired – yahoo!).


– I’ve competed in 2 Crossfit competitions; something I NEVER (EVER) thought I would do.

– I am grateful for and confident in my body. Aside from making the active choice to be grateful and confident, I owe this entirely to Crossfit. Crossfit has allowed me to see and experience what my body is capable of, and when I acknowledge this and what I’ve accomplished physically, that negative chatter (ya’ll know what I’m talking about) really quiets down.


– I have met some of my favorite friends doing Crossfit and have created deep connections with beautiful, kind, fun people

– I’ve found romance twice – the best guys do Crossfit!


– Crossfit has given me a platform to push myself mentally and physically as a human. I’m a better person because of it.

– I’ve also seen others defy personal boundaries, demonstrating and proving that ANYTHING is possible which has translated into other areas of my life.


– My happiness quotient is exponentially higher doing Crossfit vs. not doing Crossfit. I am a happy person, but when I haven’t been to the gym in a few days I’m not as happy. I need that physical stimulation to make life work for me.


– Whether it’s doing Crossfit with my dad and stepmom, skiing with my mom, doing yoga with my brother, or stand up paddling with my stepbrother, I am physically able to do any activity with my family. I am super grateful that they are active and we can be active together. Staying physically fit and healthy is not just a gift to your self, it’s a gift to others. Your people want you to stick around!


– Life is MEANT to be fun!!! and I have more fun doing Crossfit than I can explain.

If you had one sentence to convince someone to join Crossfit what would say?

If you want to feel good, be ready for anything life throws at you, have fun, and be your best self, try Crossfit.

And don’t knock it till you try it.

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