The Most Important Question You Can Ask

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The last Bring a Friend or Family Day!  If you bring anyone, be sure to read the notes below, show up early to sign paperwork and maybe even practice at home in advance:)


Scapular Push ups x15
Prone PVC Dislocates x15
Prone Snow Angels x15


Junkyard Dog
Followed by 2 rounds:
12 Partner Push Ups
12 Partner Wall Balls
12 Partner Burpee jump overs


“Pet Rock”

400 m run, both partners at the same time. One holding the pet rock.
125 Abmat situps
100 pushups
75 pullups
50 ring dips
400 m run, both partners at the same time. One holding the pet rock.

Member Notes: For this workout your pet rock will be a 35# kettle bell for men and a 25# kettle bell for women. One person will always be holding the rock while the other one will be working. For the runs, you will both be running and you may trade off who holds the rock.  The pet rock does not liked to be dropped, so if you do drop it you must immediately do 10 burpees each before continuing on. You can hold the “pet rock” by any means necessary as long as it does not touch the ground. Only idea not allowed is lying on the floor with the kettle bell on top of you. Partner up with someone who can share the same weight rock.  The workload does not need to be equally distributed.  If you are working with a newbie, we expect you to pick up the slack!

Friends and Family Notes:  For the Pushups, use boxes or benches to allow for a full range of motion.  Same for the dips!  For the Pullups, perform ring rows.  Be sure to focus on quality movement and take breaks when you need!

Cool Down:

Cobra Stretch 1min
Pigeon Stretch 1min
Swan Stretch 1min

Nice Overhead Position!


I read this really good article this weekend that asks a very important question. What pain do you want? What kind of struggle and adversity do you want to endure? We all want to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness. But what sacrifices are you willing to endure to achieve your goals. I think its a very well written article that puts things in perspective. It may help you get through the pain of holding a pet rock for 45 minutes.


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