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We will post a banner at the top of each blog this week to remind you about the Holiday Homework and post it in our FB Group ‘Gym Members n Friends‘ as well.  There are 5 workouts that will each include a warmup/workout/cooldown.  Feel free to do them in any order and if you are at home, have your friends and family join in!

Monday, November 25, 2013


Reverse Snow Angels
Keg Drill


Row 500 meters
10 Wall Squats
10 Good Mornings
Super Rack Stretch, 1 minute
10 Behind the Neck Press
10 Front Squats
5 Spotted Handstand Pushups (see videos and post below)

Classic Strength

5 Rounds:
4 Pause Front Squats, Heavier than last week
5 Strict Handstand Pushups

Notes: Perform 2-3 warmup sets for the squats and then get into your first working set. If you did this last week, your first working set should be your final weight from last week.  See if you can work into a higher weight or maintain the same weight across all sets. For the HSPU, we want to see 5 full range of motion handstand pushups.  The variation may vary from pike pushup to deficit for more advanced athletes, but everyone will perform 5 reps unbroken with a full range of motion!

Advanced Strength

5X 4/8 Front Squat/Back Squat @ 80% of 1RM Front Squat

Notes: Only 60 seconds rest! Complete 4 Front Squats, rack the bar, reset and immediately complete 8 Back Squats at the same weight. Do not rest while switching from Front to Back Squats.


15 minute AMRAP of:
Row 500m
25 Jumping Squats, 45# bar – DEMO
15 Pullups

Notes: Scale the reps or substitute ring rows as needed for the pullups. Scale the jumping squats to a 35# or 15# bar to keep moving throughout the amrap. The 45# bar gets challenging to maintain intensity and positioning!

Cool Down

Theraband Routine:  Ext Rotation, Stepaways, Circles
Couch Stretch, 90 sec each leg



We believe the Handstand Pushup is a movement that anyone can accomplish with enough time and dedication.  Today we are introducing a few new spotting techniques, but no matter what variation you are performing, there are multiple points that must be understood and trained:  h0w to kick up to support, holding the support (top) position, how to lower yourself into the bottom position and body (midline) position.  When using a spotter, we must always be focusing on proper position and working towards performing this with no spotter!  That means taking our time and being honest with ourselves.  

If you are using a spotter against the wall and you are struggling to perform all 5 reps, then maybe find a second spotter or go down to the pike position.  Or if you are struggling to perform the pike position with a spotter or cannot touch your head each rep for fear of your arms collapsing and falling on your head, get another spotter or go down so your feet are on the floor.  This goes all the way back to the foundation of the Handstand Pushup:  the Basic pushup.  Increase your abilities and volume of reps with perfect form in the basic pushup and your handstand pushups will get better.  Not just that, but so will your dips, all overhead barbell movements, bench pressing, burpees, and kipping handstand pushups.




Farewell to Josh Kovach!  A staple at the MDR gym, he is a testament to what is possible with hard work and dedication.  Good luck and thank you for your support and inspiration!

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