Ice Cup Massage

Saturday, November 16, 2013:

Just a reminder, due to the number of athletes and coaches competing tomorrow, we will only be having open gym hours. Check the schedule for details! 


Foam Roll T-spine
T-band Circles x30

Warm up:

Junk Yard Dog (5 reps each position)

Followed by 2 rounds: (With Barbell)
7 Clean High Pulls
7 Power cleans
7 Front squats
7 Push Jerks


 20 minutes to establish a 1RM “Shankle Complex” – DEMO

(1 DL + 3 Hang Clean Pulls + 1 Hang Clean + 2 Jerks)


Notes:  Focus on keeping the weight back in the heels and keeping your lats and upper back engaged throughout the entire complex.


Partner Conditioning:

 20 minute AMRAP

200 meter Run

12 Burpee over the box (20”)

8 – ‘2-for-1’ Wall Ball Shots – DEMO


Notes: Partners will alternate each round. Score is total combined rounds completed. Athletes may have to use a lighter ball than what they usually use to throw the ball a little bit higher than 10 feet so they can complete the 2 squats.  If an athlete cannot complete 2 squats when the ball is in the air, sub a front squat with the med ball plus one wall ball for each rep.


Cool Down:

3 Rds:
15 GHD sit ups
25 Hip extensions

 Downward dog calf stretch x1min
Couch Stretch x1min


ovember going strong

During my preparation for the battle of the boxes competition, I unwillingly gave myself an acute bursitis of my left shoulder. It was very painful to move, especially lift my arm over my head. This was concerning to me because in the second event of the competition, each partner has to complete 25 shoulder to overheads at 135lbs.  Anticipating this, my anxiety started to creep up and I was then preparing to give my spot to McCoy.

Once I determined what my injury was, I knew that I needed to decrease my pain and inflammation. So I proceeded to made some ice cups using small dixie cups that we have upstairs at Vencie. After the ice froze, I gave myself an ice cup massage to that shoulder twice daily for 3 days. At the end of the 3rd day, my inflammation became almost non existent and my shoulder returned to full pain free range of motion and strength.

Ice Cup massages are very inexpensive to make, they are very useful for superficial inflammtion (injuries to the knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, shins are typically the most commonly treated areas), and the best part is that an ice cup doesn’t affect your liver like oral pain meds/anti-inflammatories do.

I attached a you tube video (the guy is pretty boring to watch but the content is very informative) which includes just about everything you need to know for how to give yourself an ice cup massage treatment. I personally recommend approximately 8 min or so, depending on the size of the area to be treated. And I would only advise doing this 2-3x day. Over doing this can cause skin breakdown/burn if your not careful.

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