Thursday, November 14, 2013


15 Fire hydrants each side
10 Prone PVC Dislocates
10 Reverse Snow Angels 

Warm up:

Run 400 meters

Gymnastics Strength:

 5 Rounds for quality:

12 Standing Dumbbell inverted cross 
7 Strict Ring Dips
1 Legless plus 1 Rope Climb

 Notes:  Sub bench dips for the ring dips to ensure quality range of motion.  We have the workout “Elizabeth” coming up with ring dips, so figure our a good scale that will work for a 21-15-9 rep style workout and work on that strength!


 For Quality:

50 Strict HSPU or 100 Pushups
100 Jumping Lunges
100 V/Tuck ups

-15 min cap-

Cool Down: 

As a group:

Max Effort Plank Hold


3 Rounds:

10 Back Extensions
10 Standing Wall Extensions

Check out Diso’s video on ring dip scaling! 

As the holidays approach excuses begin to pile up as to why we can’t make it in to the gym as often as we would like. We have parties to attend, or a little extra hibernation to do on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Four to five workouts a week become two to three, and culturally, we enter a fitness void that no one seems to be aware of until they wake up at the start of the New Year.

Maybe you’ve been coming for awhile and there aren’t as many PR’s to motivate you, or maybe you’re new and taking time off doesn’t seem like a big deal. Whatever the reason may be, try to challenge yourself to attend during the darker winter months. The time you put in now will make a huge difference when spring finally comes around. Whether you have your sights set on the CrossFit Game’s Open or just your overall well being, challenge yourself not to think too much about the easy excuses, and make it into the gym on the days you really don’t want to. In the end you will be rewarded, and your New Year’s Resolution this year hopefully won’t be about losing weight or regaining your fitness, but about maintaining all of the strength you have worked so hard to achieve!

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