Express Your Fitness

Saturday, November 9



Prone PVC dislocates x15
Prone Snow angels x15

Warm up: “Roxanne”

For duration of the song stay moving with jumping jacks, then perform Burpee every “Roxanne” you hear.


15 minutes to find a 1RM of the following complex:

1 clean pull with 3 sec pause at knee + 1 Hang Clean + Clean & Jerk

Notes:  Start with bar on ground, preform a clean DL to the knee and pause for 3 seconds, then continue to pull into hips making contact and shrugging. Then perform a Hang Clean, drop the bar to reset and perform a full Clean and Jerk.

 Partner Conditioning:

 One person works while one rests (24/16kg)

32 TGU’s

32 Right Arm Swings

32 Left Arm Swings

32 Right Arm Thrusters

32 Left Arm Thrusters

32 Right Arm Snatches

32 Left Arm Snatches

-30 min cap-

 Notes:  Partners may use two different weights, but if possible, pair up with someone that will use the same weight.  Partners do not have to perform exactly half the reps for each movement, partition as needed.  The single arm swings should come just above eye level (not overhead like a normal swing) and Snatches can be done from the hang. 


Max effort L-sit x3
Single leg Good mornings 2×10
Wrist Stretching x1min
Banded Hamstring/ IT band stretch



For those of you who didn’t see the videos posted on gym members and friends, we had some members showcase their skills and talents during group class. Many of us, including the members themselves, had no idea they were capable of. We turned a routine gymnastics work out into something creative, fun, and different. Simply by adding small challenges along the way. It started with seeing who could perform a barbell snatch balance from their knees, followed by testing our athlete’s max vertical knees to squat jump height.

It was so cool to see Eli crush 17.5 inches! Only to have Basilio edge him out by 1/4 of an inch in the next class. Sean displayed his inner gymnast on the pull-up rig, after we asked the question…”I wonder if this is possible”. Then Boom, he jumped from bar to bar, mimicking what a little monkey would look like jumping from branch to branch in the jungle. 

All of which brings me to my next point. It’s very important to stick to a certain programming in order to develop a set of skills, strength, and endurance needed to thrive and Crossfit. What we sometimes forget is that all of these skills transfer into fun real world applications. Days like Thursday are really fun. Everyone got the opportunity to express their fitness in unusual ways, doing things previously considered as impossible to accomplish.

I encourage everyone to continue to do the same. On your active rest days, go out and play, have fun. It can really help motivate you to stick to your programming and look forward to the opportunity of facing new challenges in and out of the gym.


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