Gymnastic Switch

Gymnastics today because tomorrow is Halloween


Wednesday, October 30, 2013


2 Rounds:
10 PVC Dislocates
10 Burpees
50′ Bear Crawl
60 sec Hollow Hold



Perform the following for Quality:

5 x 10 sec Frog Stand/Advanced Frog Stand/Tuck Planche
3 x 3 Skin the cat
6 x 1 Legless Rope climbs or 3 x 3 with legs
4 x 20 tuck ups + 20 Hollow Rocks

Notes:  Perform all sets of one movement before moving onto the next, rest as needed between sets to maintain perfect form.  For the Skin the cats, ideally this will be 3 reps unbroken to a full ROM with straight arms.  Use a spotter if needed!  For the tuckup/rocks, these are to be performed like a superset, back to back with no rest.  Scale the number of reps to perform this unbroken as well.



3 Rounds for time:
Bear Crawl 100m
15 Burpee toes to bar
30 sec Handstand Hold

Notes:  The burpee t2b is just like it sounds, perform a burpee and then jump up to a pullup bar to perform a toes to bar for one rep.  Ideally the handstand hold is performed facing the wall with only your toes touching and close enough that you could touch your nose if you wanted.


Cool Down

2 Rounds:
15 Standing Wall Extensions
15 Back Extensions

The Champs. 

With the switch of gymnastics day to Wednesday of this week, rather than Thursday, I want to encourage everyone who might usually skip this day to take advantage of the change in programming. These days provide valuable work for  specific skills, midline control, and joint rehabilitation while taking a step back from truly high intensity. Those members that are gymnastic day regulars seem to be making progress from their work and it shows in their workouts on our “normal” days. Everyone benefits from more midline work and learning new skills and positions. So if you have any hesitation, give it a try today. You will still be ready to tackle Thursday in full costume. 

I also want to congratulate everyone that participated in the Battle of the Boxes on Saturday. It looked like an amazing event and I was sorry I could not be there. Of course, the trophy is in its rightful place. 

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