Venice vs MDR…it is upon us

Saturday October 26, 2013…Judgement Day


Venice vs. MDR Battle Royale!

Be sure to sign up to represent your home gym and bring your family and friends and wear your gym colors:  Red-Venice and Blue-MDR.  More than 12 events running non-stop from 11am-4pm.  A whole roasted calf and pig at 3pm.  Drinks all day.  Live music.  Guaranteed good times! 




“What you gave is history, what you failed to give is lost”

Tomorrow is going to be epic! The very people you compete against on a daily basis, now become your team mates. And those guys and girls who train 2 miles away are now your enemies! Massive teams of over 200 members per box get an opportunity to compete against each other, individually, and along side their fellow training partners.

Looking at the events, I had some hypotheses who I thought would win each event, but now after looking at the rosters, I have no clue! Each box stacks up so well against each other. I can’t wait to see the monstrous olympic lifts on the platforms. (some guest lifters will also be tearing it up) I want to see which sleeper is going to emerge from the handstand competition? Who is going to step up for their team and help pull the opposition across the line in tug of war. Who has the sure will power to row 21,000 meters? All the trash talking ends here. Bragging rights for the next 365 days begins tomorrow. So good luck and have fun!! 

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