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Weekly Programming Links:  Group Class, Advanced, Venice Barbell Club and Battle Royale!

Be sure to read the Battle Royale event details and signup at your “home” gym or through the Upcoming Events link HERE!

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Monday October 21


Monster Walks
Keg Drill
2 Rounds of:
5 Good mornings
5 Snatch Grip Overhead Press
3 Overhead Squats
3 Snatch Balance
3 Hang Snatch

Notes:  First round hold positions for mobility and CNS warmup, second round you can speed up the rep count and transitions.


15 minutes to establish a 3 Rep Max Hang Snatch (top of knee)

Notes: Ideally this would be a full squat the snatch but prioritize a solid overhead position and to not squat deeper than your overhead position allows. Another great way to scale this is 3 Hang Cleans to work power production and range of motion.


For time: 
45 Toes to Bar
3 rounds of:
15 Deadlifts (185/135/95)
15 Back Squats (185/135/95)
– 12 minute cap –

Notes: Use one bar for this workout and racks may NOT be used. Scale the weight so that the bar may be cleaned and placed on the athletes back safely. Hanging Knee Raises or V-Ups may be subbed for the Toes to Bar as needed.

Cool Down

2x 10 Wall Extensions
Foam Roll Back and Legs

CrossFit works for endurance too!  Check out Rene and Christian after finishing their 120 mile trail run relay at McDowell Mtn, Arizona.


A message from Dutch about the MDR vs Venice Battle Royale:

Hello PCFers! 

The battle signup sheets have lots of spots left on them. A fair amount of people seem to have reservations to sign up. The FB Banter talk was good fun but I don’t believe that’s really the point of next week’s event. 

“The Battle Royale” is a celebration of 4 years PCF. We celebrate by WODing together. We celebrate by acknowledging where each of us is on their Fitness journey. Whether you’ve just completed your first 5 reps or have been here for 50 months, you are part of a box and you deserve to be on a team. 

Whoever “wins” this thing will be nearly forgotten by the time the band starts playing. How much heart we’ll show during the events will be the talk of the party and is what you will take home. 

Like any good day at PCF, the more different people will WOD together, the more memorable this day will be. 

We are all PCF, sign up!

(Yes, this is just my opinion. I will respect counter points.)


If you don’t know him, Dutch is one of our most veteran members.  He has been with us for almost 4 years and helped us move into our current MDR location.  He embodies so much about what is great about our community.  He is constantly coming to me with new ideas, experimenting with things he has found online and always working on improving himself.  This is the type of guy that invents his own drill last week (below) to help him keep the bar close to his body when he snatches:

This is what health and fitness is all about:  ACTION and DEDICATION!  Thanks for being a great example and leader within our community!

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