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Monday October 14


Down Dog Ankle Stretch
Shoulder Circles with Theraband
2 rounds:
5 Good Mornings
5 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Press
3 Overhead Squats
3 Snatch Balance
3 Hang Snatch

Notes:  Perform the first round pausing each rep, use a PVC or Light Barbell as needed to ensure control and proper positioning.  Second round, work through with no pausing.


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch + Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat

Notes: Ideally this would be a full squat for all movements, but prioritize a solid overhead position and foot position first! If you do not have a full depth overhead squat, another great way to scale this is a Clean+Hang Clean+Front Squat.


EMOM for 10 minutes (beginning @ 0:00):
10 Burpees
ME Double-Unders 

Notes: Sub double unders with parallette jump-overs or use this workout to get some good practice in and count your attempts!  Also, 10 Burpees is tough after a couple minutes, so feel free to scale down the number of reps as you go to ensure you get some double unders in there. Don’t worry so much about the score, just go hard!

Skill Work/Cool Down

For 6 minutes: 20 seconds of work, followed by 40 seconds of rest
Handstand Hold (wall or freespace)

Notes:  This will be performed as a group.  Pick a movement and try to hold it for all 20 seconds each round.  Feel free to try different progressions and have fun with it!

Dave and Tara representing PCF at the Long Beach Half Marathon!

I love to wax poetic about Paradiso CrossFit becoming known as the greatest gym in the world.  But the reality is that this is only possible through the hard work and dedication of other CrossFit gym owners, athletes and Health and Fitness professionals.  Whether you know it or not, we are all part of a worldwide experiment.  This is what makes CrossFit so unique.  It doesn’t matter what we believe to be the best, what matters is that our members are seeing results and accomplishing their goals.  I have often said, “You can have the greatest fitness program in the history of the earth, but if people aren’t willing to stick to it, its not that great.”  In other words, it needs to be fun and engaging as well as effective!  You need to look forward to going to the gym and do it because it makes your life better.  We understand that the primary reason people walk through our doors is based on improving physical appearance, yet we know that this is not the reason they decide to stay.

1380511_10101056548749695_197868749_n 1391561_10151885884472649_743103830_n
Nick Bernal at CrossFit Villa Albani in Rome and Ryan Iwamoto runs into an OG member Eric Han at CrossFit Arlington in DC!

For example, two of our traveling gym members posted pics from other CrossFit gyms this weekend.  The Crossfit community has allowed those that travel regularly a way to maintain their health and fitness and still feel connected.  Performing olympic lifts, gymnastics and high intensity exercise is not just what you do at our home CrossFit gym, but a normal part of life.  This continual growth and larger social change is what I love most about CrossFit.  There is a continual give and take within the community.  The sharing of articles, blog posts and videos.  Discussing personal experiments, challenges and methodologies.  New people from different backgrounds weighing in for the first time. We are continually filtering this information and attempting to improve our services.  This never ending pursuit is what defines us as a community and keeps things fun and engaging!  Who knows what will become normal next, maybe foam rollers will become passé and we will all be buffing each other out in a few months…


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