Tuesday, September 17, 2013

5k Testing Day!  This is programmed as the Conditioning for all classes today, but we hope you can join us at the Santa Monica High School at 7pm for a legit running experience.  Remember this is one of our most important conditioning tests, so be sure to LOG YOUR SCORE!


Jog 400 meters
Monster walks (lateral, forward, backward)
Behind the neck barbell rack stretch
10 Pause front squats


15 minutes to work up to a heavy Hang Clean

Notes:  Focus on explosive hip extension and speed under the bar.  Log your score if you’re into that sort of thing!


Run 5k

Map Links:  MDR  and Venice

Notes:  If you decide to perform this at the gym, be sure to LOG YOUR SCORE, did we say that already?  However, if you plan on attending the track event, feel free to spend some extra time on your Clean and Jerk or work on a gymnastic skill of choice.

Cool down:

10 Light Kettlebell swings
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 Back extensions

Roll out legs and calves!

Tejs being lazy again.

It’s here!  Time and time again, this has been the least attended day in our wod history, and I know our gym isn’t unique.  The 5k illicits a certain kind of bad feeling for many when it shows up.   It also conjures up the feeling of “why would I drive to the gym and run 3 miles?  I can do that on my own.”  There’s just something about the 5K.  Physically, it’s really not that bad, and you’re right,  you can go out and do this solo, no equipment needed.  But knowing how much the 5K has been loathed in the past, you probably won’t, on your own volition, go out and run 3.1 miles as hard as you can.  All the more reason to come in today and do it and even MORE reason to hit the track tonight.

  As athletes, we want to be good at everything.

 As important as it is to crush those shorter duration workouts that leave you lying on the floor, it’s equally important to be able to sustain a longer duration monostructural workout.

You’ll be surprised at how all of your hard work at those shorter, higher intensity workouts have prepared you for today.  Whether the goal is to not walk, beat a certain time, or simply run further than you ever have, commit to it and be successful! 🙂

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