Forget About the Outcome

Saturday September 7, 2013


Beach Workout 1pm at Venice.  Friends and family can attend for free!

 Mobility/Warm Up:

KBS (moderate/light KB 2×10)
OHS with PVC x10
PVC dislocates in prone
Band external rotations



15 minutes to establish a 3 position Snatch


Notes: LOG YOUR SCORE IN YOUR PROFILE!  Ideally these are full squat snatches!  If you struggle at the bottom, perform power snatches or try the split snatch.


Classic Conditioning:


For time:

30-20-10 of:

Wall Ball 20/14#
KB Snatch (15l/15r) 24/16kg

-15 minute cap


Notes:  Substitute with Dumbbells as needed for the snatches, they do not need to be alternating.


Advanced Conditioning:


For time:

30-20-10 of:

Wall Ball 30/20# (if you do not have WBs in this weight use 20/14# to a 12? target)
KB Snatch (15l/15r) 32/24kg

Cool down:

Overhead Band Distraction 1min
Couch Stretch 1min
Hollow Holds 2×20 seconds
Good Mornings 2×15

Best looking gym at the Shakedown

Last weekend was the most fun I’ve ever had at a crossfit competition. Yes that includes the Games. Why? Because  it was the first competition where I wasn’t worried about the outcome. It was the first time competing in any sport where I didn’t wake up so nervous that I couldn’t eat. Thats just how I am, I prepare, over analyze, stress, game plan to a point where it consumes my every thought. And then I do it over and over again until the clock goes off and the game is over. But not this time. I couldn’t wait for 3-2-1 go. I was so amped up to compete with my team, give it everything I had, and just enjoy every second on the floor. And the best part, we did pretty damn well. The Shakedown series produces some of the best teams in all of SoCal, and we managed to not only hang in there, but kick some ass.

As a team, we all were on the same page. No time wasted on transitions or arguing. Every one knew their role and performed it to the best of their ability. That of which was the most satisfying, going out there knowing that we wouldn’t have changed a thing, knowing that we gave it our absolute all. The statistical outcome really didn’t even matter, because we knew that we did the best we possibly could have.

I think this is an important concept that goes way beyond the walls of crossfit. How many times in life are we so concerned about the outcome that we lose focus on the task at hand? Have you ever worked with a team on a group project where everything clicked, everyone gave their 100%, no one wasted time fighting/arguing, and the outcome reflected that? On the flip side, have you ever been on a team where everyone was very talented but there were too many cooks in the kitchen, and you couldn’t get anything done? I’m sure that we all have experienced both at some point in time. But I really believe that you can experience more of the positive experiences if you try. Be a team player, know your role and knock it out of the park. Don’t over analyze the outcome of a project, just focus on one objective at a time and when the time comes, you will exceed all of your expectations. To relate this to Crossfit, understand what your goal is and just focus on one workout at a time, don’t look at the entire week ahead of time, trust the programing, it will get you to your goals. If you want to seriously compete in the sport of Crossfit and your following The Outlaw way, bust your ass Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday BUT REST on Thursday! Don’t over train, let your body recover, trust the programing, it works!!

As always, don’t forget to have fun! Enjoy what you do and the results will be much more desirable.

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