Strolling Down Memory Lane

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


2 Rounds:
Lat Stretch, 15 sec each side
Monster Walk, 10 steps each direction
200 meter jog
Handstand Hold, 30 seconds

Classic Strength

EMOTM for 10 minutes – 3 Power Cleans and Jerks (not touch and go)

Notes: Focus on immediately resetting into a good start position and being fast and efficient through the lift. These can be done from the hang position if needed. 

Advanced Strength

10 minutes to establish a max unbroken triple Power Clean

Notes:  There should be little to no pause at the rack position or the hang position and there is no dropping the bar.

Classic Conditioning

3 rounds for time:
Run 800m
5 Power Clean and Jerks (155/105)
– Rest 2 minutes-

Notes: These runs should be a hard effort and the power clean and jerks should be immediate upon finishing the run. Weight should not be so light as to easily link the reps. 

Advanced Conditioning

5 x 800m Run (90% or greater effort)

Rest 1:1

Cool Down

3 Rounds:
25 Situps
10 PVC Dislocates

Our very first music video slash workout compilation above!  If you have never been to our Youtube page, it is a step back in time if you start from the oldest videos.  In our old original location on Glencoe you can see our first ever video of me failing a 185lb clean, Suver deadlifting 300lbs for the first time (she can now lift 401:), Aimes getting her first kipping pullup and how about this classic below…


We had only a handful of videos for a while, but on December 10, 2012, we decided to start making a video every single day to go with our workout of the day.  It didn’t matter where or what I was doing, we made a video EVERY DAY!  Check out some of my favorites:

1.  Post Party Bus – Teaching the Low Bar Back Squat at O’briens with a broomstick

2.  Mammoth Mountain – 3 guys, 2 straps and 1 pole

3.  Mammoth Mountain, day 2 – the clean and jerk party

4.  Christmas Burpees in the Snow

This was obviously unsustainable and we realized that a video library of movement made way more sense.  During this process and over the years, we have now amassed over 650 videos, including a ton of workout demos, progressions and compiliation videos.  There are so many good videos and memories in there, but lets leave you with something to get you fired up for next Friday Night Lights Fran Test…



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