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10 Inch Worms
10 Lat Activations
10 Wall Extensions
10 Jumping Squats
10 Burpees


Classic Strength:

 3 Power snatches EMOM for 10 minutes. 

 Notes: These should be performed without dropping the bar. Switch to hang snatches if you have trouble making hip contact. 


Advanced Strength: 

 1) 12 minutes to establish a 3 Position Power Snatch (floor, 2″ off floor, top of knee).

 2) 12 minutes to establish a 3 Position Power Clean (floor, 2″ off floor, top of knee).

 3) 12 minutes to work to a near maximal Jerk Triple

 Notes:  Notice the difference between the above 3 positions and what we normally do in class!



 30 Pullups

30 Target Burpees

20 Pullups

20 Target Burpees

10 Pullups

10 Target Burpees

-15 minute cap-

 Notes: Advanced Target Burpees should be performed by touching a target 10? above your highest reach. Classic can scale to 6” above your reach.

Cool Down

2 Rounds:
30 Hollow Rocks
30 Arch Rocks

This guy is almost 40. 

With the introduction of the higher volume advanced strength programming as an option five days of the week, the classes may seem a bit more hectic with more moving parts. For new members this might be especially overwhelming and it asks a lot of veterans as well. We, as coaches, are trying are hardest to offer every member what they want and need and after a few days, I actually think it is working pretty well and we are challenging everyone of all levels. I wanted to write this blog targeted specifically at newer members and members who are on the cusp of more advanced programing looking to challenge themselves. For most people newly out of On Ramp, just showing up and sticking to the Classic is a great way to see huge progress. But, I want everyone at any level to feel free to ask questions regarding the how and why of Advanced Programming and how they may best challenge themselves with more difficult movement progressions, higher volume, or increased load. Remember, not every day needs to be a grinding conditioning. As an athlete progresses, they may start choosing workouts to try a new movement, more range of motion, or more weight – somethings you might more commonly see in the Advanced Programming. Maybe this post was unnecessary but we just want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to continually progress. There is never a silly question for any of the coaches. That is what they are there for. 

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