Competition Prep

SATURDAY August 17th, 2013



2 Rds
Prone shoulder dislocates x10
Handstand Holds (wide hands) x20 seconds
Push ups x10-15 Perfect form
Wall facing squats x10



20 minutes to find your 1RM Snatch



10 minute AMRAP

2 Power Snatch (115/75)


4 Power Snatch


6 Power Snatch


…..continue on for 10 min

 Notes:  Substitute strict DB presses for the Handstand Pushups as needed.


Post Wod:

5x 250M Row (rest 1 min between sets)

 Notes:  This may also be performed as a partner workout:)


Cool down/Summer Six Packs:

25 wall ball sit ups against wall
25 GHD Hip extensions
Overhead band stretch x1 min
Super rack x1min



Best group of fans and athletes


As many of you know, there are at least 30+ members at our gym competing tomorrow in the Central Coast Clash and WOD gear. These are two really fun events to watch so if you have the opportunity go up to these events, I would definitely go! If you are competing, this post is for you, especially if you are a newbie.  

There are many things to consider other than just the workouts themselves, although I will discuss that in further detail.

Sleep/rest: This one is always the most important because check in is usually at the butt crack of dawn and the competition itself  lasts all day long.  When you consider multiple workouts, you must take into account the amount of warm up time and energy required for each. So when you’re not competing, it’s very important that you try to find some shade, lay down, and stay off your feet as much as possible. I understand that you will want to cheer on your fellow athletes, but try to rest as much as possible whenever possible.  Save the vendor shopping for after the competition. All that walking around wastes energy.

Sun protection: I don’t know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, but typically these events are all day long and take place outdoors under the hot sun.  Your body will be tired from the workouts, don’t fatigue it even more trying to cool you down. I strongly recommend getting yourself a large hat, sunglasses, and a lots of sunblock, because you definitely can get fried at these things without even realizing it.  It also helps to find shade whenever possible. Another trick that I use to keep cool is keeping small towels in a cooler full of ice water so that when I’m done with a WOD, I will cover my head/neck/lower back/stomach with these ice cold towels. So refreshing! 

Nutrition: This is something that new competitors tend to get wrong on their first competition. First, do not try anything new that you don’t normally eat! There’ll be a lot of vendors who will be offering free food, snacks, energy drinks, etc.  Even though the samples are free, try to refrain from using them  unless you have in the past and you know how your body will react to them. I’ve seen ALOT of people crush a few bottles of coconut water because its cold and for sale. What many people don’t know is that consuming too much coconut water actually results in diarrhea. Not an ideal time to learn this lesson. Also, many of the “free” samples of energy drinks/bites/chews can cause cramping, upset stomach, and dehydration. The next thing to consider is how much to eat.  My best advice, try not to eat too much.  It’s tempting to want to eat a lot during the day because you’re burning a lot of calories, but realistically speaking, you should already have enough calories on reserve from the night before and you don’t want to spend extra energy on digestion. So eating simple foods that are easily digestible is vital for optimal performance.  I know McCoy likes to just stick to protein shakes and snacks. My personal favorite is almond butter and jelly sandwiches, because they are easily digestible, and you can utilize the energy quickly. Fruits, nuts, sweet potatoes, almond butter, and LOTS of water are also recommended.

Warm-up.  I like to use the 20 minute rule when it comes to warming up. If the work out is short your warm-up needs to be longer and visa versa. For example, if the workout is a 5 min AMRAP, I will spend at least 15 minutes getting my blood flowing practicing movements etc., so when its 3-2-1 go, you are ready! The 20 minute rule does not apply to stretching and mobility.  If it’s a longer work out like 15 minutes, then my warm up dramtically decreases. And I stress, this does not apply to stretching and mobility. 

The workouts: Pay attention to how long the workout will last and game it appropriately. If its a 15 min workout, think of how you would pace yourself when running 2 miles. If you blow out in the first 2 minutes and redline, your screwed. No prizes for being the fastest for the first half of the WOD. Don’t pay attention to other athletes, just focus on yourself, your breathing, getting good reps, your breathing, staying moving…did I mention your breathing? Embrace the crowd but don’t let them get you too excited. Stick to your game plan and go balls to the wall when its time, just be patient, the crowd will help you through that dark, painful place you encounter right before the final buzzer goes off.

Lastly, have a F**king blast!! This is your chance to show off your hardwork and compete against some of the best athletes in the area in front of family, friends, and coaches. This is your time to shine so don’t take it too serious, just do what you do best and crush it! Good luck, your going to do great!

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