Taste of Paleo

Friday, August 16, 2013


2 Rounds:

-10 PVC Dislocates
-10 Overhead Squats
-10 Push up
-30 sec Groiner (each leg)

Classic Strength:

Bench Press 5×5, heavy as possible, rest 2 minutes

Hatch Squat Cycle

HBBS: 1×10@60%, 1×8@70%, 1×6@75%, 1×6@80%, 1×6@80% – Rest 2 min

Front Squat: 1×5@60%, 1×5@65%, 2×5@70% – Rest 2 min

Classic Conditioning:

15 minute Amrap

Top of the Pullup, accumulate 20 seconds
12 V-Ups
8 Deadlifts (175/125)
12 MB Cleans (20/14)

Notes:  For the top of the pullup, use any grip you would like, but the chin must be over the bar.

Advanced Conditioning:

6 Rounds of:

2 Rope Climps
6 Deadlift (225/155)
12 MB Cleans (20/14)

-15 min cap-

Notes:  This is the same DL weight for one of our most important benchmark workouts “Diane.”  We always want you to stay safe, but if you have been around a while and have not attempted this weight, think about giving it a try!  This may mean that you reduce intensity and take extended breaks between reps or don’t make the time cap, but it is important to know this weight!

Cool Down:

Wrist Mobility w/Band
Plow Stretch
Couch Stretch

taste of paleo    Live beautifull

With all of the CrossFit events going on this weekend (Clash, WOD Gear) there is also an event that many of you should be interested in.  This Sunday is the Taste of Paleo in Huntington Beach from 12-4pm.  One of our lovely members, Brenda Lomeli, will be sampling some paleo food and also introducing her new business “Live Beautifull”.  If you are available, I would suggest heading South to grub on some caveman food!  She is a 5:30am Venice gal who loves long walks on the beach, had a 20lb PR during Smolov (#160), and her current M.O. “To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality”.  #Truth.  Take it away, Brenda!!


The First Annual TASTE OF PALEO food festival. Im gonna be at it. with food samples. yes, food samples.  I’ll be Competing in the Paleo Chef Competition & also I will be a vendor at the event, as the official debut of my new business, LIVE BEAUTIFULL Cooking School; Gourmet Whole-foods cooking classes for women. 
Join me and get inspired with some delicious Paleo recipes & support my competing Paleo dish! Sunday August 18th. 12pm to 4pm.  For more details & tickets – www.tasteofpaleo.com
The Journey:

There is much more still to learn, but there is one thing i know now for sure. It is a choice to -live beautifull- each single day.  I know what its like to be ashamed of my body.  So ashamed, so uncomfortable in  my own skin, that i didn’t want people to see ME.  For as far back as I remember I felt like I needed to fix myself, constant feeling of- unsatisfied, inadequate, unacceptable.  Yes, at one point, I actually was overweight, I remember having difficulty breathing to do even simple things, like put on my shoes.  I realized things needed to change. It was time to take care of myself.

Eventually I learned the concept of simply making healthier food choices, staying active, learning effective exercises, and  maintaining my weight for a couple of years. Unfortunately, fit and healthy was not enough. Without realizing it, my strive to become healthier and take care of myself became an obsession with perfection. Having the perfect body, fitting into a certain size, reaching a certain number on the scale.  Once again, I was ashamed.  Once again, unacceptable.  So full of  fear to regain the weight I had lost, that I was afraid to EAT.  Afraid to LIVE.  

Overweight, underweight, it didn’t  matter.  I let weight define ME.  It doesn’t.

I Once read this on a scale, “this scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. thats it. It CAN NOT measure beauty, talent, purpose, possibility, strength, or love” #sotrue.  I thought I wanted the perfect body.  What I really wanted was to be loved (by me), to be accepted as I am (by me), too feel Beautifull.  (In my own body, in my skin. In my world).

As I learned to be and love the best version of me, I  discovered my absolute passion for helping others achieve the same.  This discovery lead me to pursue an education and career in a profession that would allow me to fulfill and express that innate desire.  I became an occupational therapist.

As an occupational therapist my job is  to maximize human potential.  Whether it be a mental, physical, or emotional challenge that may be hindering a person from engaging fully in their world, as a trained  therapist I never look at disability or limitation, rather I see ability and possibility!  I  focus on a strengths  and potential- to be built upon. I assist, I guide, I support,  I challenge,  I encourage, inspire, I modify, I adapt,  I think outside the box- any means necessary with only one goal in mind- for that individual to chart their way forward, stronger and more able, to live life FULLER.

Because of my own experiences, and as I learned more in my training & profession, I came to realize that a person’s inability to LOVE, accept and care for their WHOLE BEING {body, mind, soul} is just as disabling as any physical or mental handicap.

My training as an occupational therapist enables me to work with ANY individual on ANY goal, and together find a way to attain it,  to thrive!  Setting achievable, objective & measurable goals. We can make anything happen. Whether the  goal be healthy  weight management, resolving body image  and self-confidence issues; learning efficient, healthy & delicious meal planning; or establishing a greater sense of balance, satisfaction and wellbeing  in  life-  We can achieve it.  No doubt. i truly believe this.  It is ALL  possible.

I decided to further specialize my training as a therapist within the realm of nutrition, and completed a Holistic Nutritionist Specialist Program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in order to further expand my knowledge and deepen my understanding of nutrition and its role in human health & wellness.  

It was here that I began my culinary training; and the beginning of my love affair with the whole-foods cuisine philosophy.  I completed a series of specialized whole-foods cuisine courses, and Once I got a taste of it, I couldn’t get enough! As an independent project, I assisted the institutes natural foods chef/instructor for almost two years.  I was in love; Captivated by the power of food. its ability to heal. nourish.  and its vital role in the quality of our lives.

There was one thing left to do.  One remaining skill set I wanted to have in order to completely CREATE my vision.

Brenda’s TO DO list: Complete professional culinary training at a professional culinary School.

This time I threw all nutrition/weight management priorities out the window- caution to the wind! and fully committed myself to embrace, experience, indulge in the art of cooking- in ALL its glory.  It was a tough job, but i knew I had to do it.  I embarked on a culinary adventure and what an adventure!

Sauces, reductions, emulsifications.  bisques, chowders & cheese soufflés.  Eggs florentine. Eggs benedict. Poached eggs. bread made from scratch. Challah bread, walnut bread, biscuits, scones, quiche. Then, there were- the plated desserts. ohmygod. chocolate ganache, creme brûlée, glorious lemon tart, creme anglaise, sponge cake roulade. scallops, oysters, duck, Coq au vin, lamb, veal, filet mignon. stocks. broths. Charcuterie. Braising, Resting, Blanching. Oven roast. Pan Roast.  Polenta, Risotto, Steamed clams in wine with Pancetta. Scallop Meunière…..

Become Professional Culinary badass- Done!  My relationship with food grew. molded. transformed into something absolutely beautifull.  A new way to love myself. to love others.  To nourish ME. My body, my soul.  To create.  To ENJOY.  My journey has re-awoke my passion for food in a fresh new way!  Cooking as an art and as a form of expression.  Cooking as a way to love & connect with the special people in my life. 

Its been almost 4 years now that the vision of Live Beautifull entered my heart. And since then I’ve worked hard, and become only more driven to share what I so strongly believe in. I am determined to make a difference in the lives of women, as we allow ourselves to recognize, accept and celebrate our beauty!  Take back the power of our well-being, nutrition & health decisions. The mission of live beautiful is to redefine beauty. To promote  Life,  nourishment, (self) LOVE , & living life FULL. not just for myself anymore, but for you(!). our daughters. our daughter’s daughters.  There is no reason why a women should experience her world in any way other than happy. confident. strong. proud — beautifull.

This journey has been a long winding road, & my greatest struggle has become one of my greatest blessings.  I’m thankful for every single bit of it, because each single step has brought me right here.  And there is no place i’d rather be!

Now its time to bring it all together.  Nutrition, flavor, technique, therapeutic insight, goal setting, life lessons learned; all of it.  Health. Love, Beauty, Food. Cooking. harmony, balance. Happiness.  Living. Full.

I’m thrilled to share all I’ve learned with you.  If you are yearning for, longing for, (as i once was) a Beautifull relationship with your food, your body- then i’m your girl!  I’ve been there. I know how that feels.  I’m making it my job to ensure you learn any skill necessary to obtain & create that in your life- including killer cooking skills, nutrition savvy, and deeper understanding in your life in order to achieve it.  I’ll accompany you in your journey and make sure you arrive there.  Where you ask?  At the corner of healthy & Happy!

and- hell yes, im sexy!

enjoying a lovely pan roasted chicken in a champagne vinaigrette reduction.   kale + roasted pinenuts + perfectly julliened green apples- drizzled lightly with a handmade honey-citrus-olive oil dressing, and a yummy side of oven roasted parsnip puree + hint of cinammon & nutmeg.  Delicious and nutritious.  Beautifull.

Much love,

Brenda Lomeli

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