Week of Review

Weekly Programming:  Group Class, Venice Barbell Club

I will be attending every class at Venice on Wednesday and MDR on Thursday to discuss our Everything is Everything concepts and answer any questions you may have about achieving your Health and Fitness goals. There will be no official workout on the discussion day, but we will be reviewing your movements and discussing strategies for success so still dress to workout.  If you are serious about your success be sure to attend one of these classes!

Monday, August 12, 2013


2 Rounds of:
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Scapula Pushups
3 Way Pistols, 5 each leg
5 Pause Front Squats with Barbell, hold bottom for 5 seconds and bounce up


3 Power Cleans EMOTM for 10 minutes

Notes: Ideally this will be performed without dropping the bar. Feel free to perform this from the hang position if you are still learning to make hip contact.

Classic Conditioning

3 Rounds:
50 Ft Walk Lunges
15 Kettlebell Swings
50 Ft Walk Lunges
10 Pullups
50 Ft Walk Lunges
10 Box Jump
50 Ft Walk Lunges
15 Burpees
-25 min cap-

Advanced Conditioning

4 Bar Complex (155/105)
50 KBS (35/53)
4 Bar Complex
50 Chest to Bar Pullups
4 Bar Complex
50 Box Jumps (20/14)
4 Bar Complex
50 Burpees
4 Bar Complex
-25 min cap-

Notes: 1 rep of the complex= Power Clean, Front Squat, Back Lunge Right Leg, back Lunge Left Leg, Push Jerk. The lunges are with the bar in the front rack and all movements must be performed unbroken for the rep to count.

Cool Down/Skill Work

15 Good Mornings with Barbell
Freestanding Handstand, accumulate 90 seconds (use wall as needed)
15 PVC Dislocates

IMG_0269 IMG_0268
Lara goes out with a bang…winner of the advanced division at this weekend’s Frogman Comp!  And check out Gloria snagging 3rd place in the Intermediate Division!  Congratulations to all the athletes that participated this weekend!


Last week we discussed the importance of keeping track of a few important numbers and why they are so important.   This week we will begin the release and review of videos on how we approach and teach these concepts.  Starting with the Snatch (be sure to read WHY we snatch from McCoy last week), we will see that everything starts with the Overhead Squat and then progresses towards the floor in our 3 position progression.  Check out the video links below to review how we teach this movement, including common faults and approaches to this movement in strength and conditioning portions of class.

The Learning Progression:
Overhead Squat  – Start here and build a strong foundation
Position 1 – Prioritize hip contact and speed under the bar into that strong squat position from above
Position 2 – Learn patience and proper loading into Position 1
Position 3 – The end goal of starting from the floor…even more patience and timing required!

Common Faults:
Overhead Squat – bent arms, initiating with the knees instead of hips, losing midline control
Position 1 – setting the shoulders, resting the bar on the body, straight arms
Positions 2 and 3 – not waiting to get the bar to the hips (position 1), poor loading in position 2
Wide Feet in the landing – a cheap way of getting under the bar and a poor movement pattern

How to approach the Snatch in the Strength portion of class – Prioritize quality movement and incrementally loading the teaching progression above.  If your overhead squat is still not great, work on loading that first, then Position 1 and so on.

How to approach the Snatch in the Conditioning portion of class – Depending upon your goals, you can scale/sub a different movement to maintain high intensity and reinforce quality movement patterns.  Performing the snatch in a high intensity environment takes time and patience.

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