Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Go to Track night to test your 1 mile or 5k if you have not tested this in the past month!


Shoulder warm up with theraband (external rotation, step aways)
Tricep mash
10 Inchworms
10 Deck squats
10 Seated overhead shoulder stretch (light bar or PVC)

Classic Strength:

Front Squat 5×4, rest 2 minutes

Hatch Squat Cycle:

1) HBBS: 1X10@60%, 1X8@65%, 1X6@70%, 1X6@75%, 1X6@80% – rest 2 minutes

2) Front Squat: 1X5@60%, 1X5@70%, 2X5@75% – rest 90 sec.

Notes:  This will take a bit of time and it is recommended to show up early to warmup and mobilize if you want to join the conditioning with the rest of the class.

  The recommendation for the workout will be to perform Push Press as a substitution for the Overhead Squats.


4 Rounds:
30 Double Unders or Jump overs
20 Kettle-bell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
10 Overhead Squats (135/95/65)
-16 min cap-

Notes:  If you are having any overhead squat issues, you may perform overhead lunges to practice your shoulder position (5 each leg) or front squats or back squats to practice getting good depth with load.

Cool Down:

15 Good Mornings
10 Jefferson Curls
Down dog calf stretch


You’ve all heard the saying, it never gets easier, you only get better.  “Better” for our purpose encompasses a lot of things that make us fitter overall.  As we strive to streamline the bench marks of progress, there are a couple of uncomfortable tests we must endure. Love them or hate them, two of the best “tests” of fitness are the classic benchmarks “Fran” and “Diane”

Both are couplets of moderately heavy barbell movements and basic gymnastics that test our ability to express power when performed at high intensity.  Remember that high intensity is where the good stuff is.

  In our world, work capacity is what matters over long, medium and short time domains.


“Fran” is Crossfit’s 100m sprint.  As a benchmark, your first exposure may be scaled down to elicit the “sprint-like” stimulus.  As your experience grows and you progress to being able to handle the load, the intensity might go down but it’s still a measure of progress.  Here’s a challenge, if you’ve never experienced a 2 minute Fran, scale it down to PVC and jumping pull ups if you need to. Just as mastering the pull up is a skill so many of you covet, being able to find that “extra gear” is a muscle that needs to be trained and tested just like any other.  And remember, as tests of multiple components of fitness, they tend to bring to light any sticky or troubling areas with which you may have difficulty.  Perhaps it’s mobility, lifting technique, or nutrition to name a few.  Just means there’s more work to do!  Improvements will become smaller the closer you get to your potential and you will have to work very hard to see modest improvements.  Keep working hard and change will happen!

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