Back to Track!

Beach Ultimate Frisbee tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


10 reps of each:
Jumping squats, hold bottom of last rep for 30 seconds
Reverse Snow angels
Bar taps
Jumping squats, hold bottom of last rep for 30 seconds

Classic Strength:

15 minutes to establish a max 3 position Clean (High hang, hang, floor) + 1 Jerk

Notes:  This is 3 Cleans (High hang, low hang, floor) followed by one jerk.  High to Low 3 Position is meant for beginners to internalize bar path in relation to the body.  Focus on aggressive high thigh contact and landing with elbows fully wrapped around the bar.  You may land in a quarter squat or power clean position if your Front Squat is not mature yet.

Classic Conditioning:

Row 750 meters, then:
5 Rounds of:
7 DB thrusters, 35/25
15 Pull ups
-20 minute cap-

Advanced Strength:

15 minutes to establish a max 3 Position Clean (Floor, hang, hi hang) + 1 Jerk

Notes: Low to High 3 position clean is great for more advanced lifters because it reinforces the fact that the higher the bar is on the thighs before the lifter ‘explodes’, the better of a position it is, and the more aggressive and fast the lifter must pull themselves under the bar.

Advanced Conditioning


Row 1K, then
5 Rounds for time
7 Thrusters, 135/95
25 Pull ups
-20 minute cap-

Cool down:

10 Stiff legged Windmills (5 each side)
10 Wall extensions


Tonight marks the long awaited (and long over due) return of Track Night!  We will be meeting at Santa Monica High School at 7pm.  All members and all levels of fitness are welcome to attend.  Running is a skill like lifting and gymnastics.  To get good, you have to practice and practice often.  Chance are, if you hate running, a small tweak to your technique could make all the difference.  It’s harder to hate something if you keep getting better at it:)   Learn skills and drills from Track Master Frank, record and analyze your running form and shave seconds (or minutes!) off your “Nancy” next time!


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