2013 CrossFit Games

Be sure to check out the CrossFit Games site HERE.

This is amazing.  Just 6 years ago, the CrossFit Games was about a hundred people at someone’s ranch in Aromas, California.  I remember seeing the idea first announced on crossfit.com and there was an open invitation for anyone to participate.  Fast forward until today, there are multiple qualifying rounds worldwide with sponsored athletes, tens of thousands of participants and even more fans.

  The 2013 CrossFit Games sold out the Home Depot center in a matter of hours.  While the sport of CrossFit is not the same as CrossFit in general, attending the Crossfit Games offers us a point of reference and reminder that we are a part of something bigger. From an article discussing these differences and the beauty of the Games:

Attending the Games is transcendent — a pilgrimage of sorts for CrossFit’s faithful who come to see the sporting display of our training methodology. What they find is more than fun in the sun, spectating and carousing. Much more….

There is a bright line between players and spectators in every major sport. At the CrossFit Games, that line isn’t a line … it’s a broad, blurry swath. Everyone is a player, not just a fan — the distinct difference in our sport. In no other sport do fans have such a kinship with competitors. The cheering faithful feel every wince and every gasp for air.

They understand because they’ve been there — probably that morning in a box with other CrossFitters doing the same things as these modern day gladiators. It’s an understanding that exists not just between fan and competitor, but also between fan and fan.

There will certainly be a buzz around the gym during this week as we receive visitors from around the world and talk about the events.  While the tickets have already sold out, we highly recommend you look into acquiring them anyway!  The majority of the events will take place over the course of 3 days, but you can attend for a single day.  They will also be live streaming through the CrossFit Games website.

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