The Calm.

Wednesday, July 25


2 Rounds:
External Rotation w/ Theraband
10 Push Ups
Side Plank Leg Raises x 10
10 Squats
10 Wall Extensions
5 Burpees


Classic Strength:

15 minutes to establish a 1 RM Power clean and Push Jerk

Notes:  If you lack a stable overhead position, you may sub a split jerk or push press.


Advanced Strength:

1) After warmup, take 5 attempts to work up to a near maximal Clean & Jerk (after warmup lifts), rest as needed between attempts. The goal is no misses.

2) EMOM for 5 minutes – 1 Clean & Jerk @ 85-90% of max from #1


Conditioning: “Partially requested”

“Power Cindy”

For time:

5 rounds of “Cindy”

5 Pull-ups
10 HR Push-ups
15 Squats


15 Hang Power Cleans (155/105/95/65)


5 rounds of “Cindy”

5 Pull-ups
10 HR Push-ups
15 Squats

-20 minute cap

Notes:  May substitute with regular push-ups.  


Cool Down

Easy 500m Row

Joe D. – Proven

I did not allude to it in my posts leading up to Regionals but our team had high expectations for what we could accomplish and where we might finish. We ended up both meeting those expectations and just falling short. Of course, circumstance worked in our favor and we are poised to perform on the biggest of competitive exercise stages. Our expectations are different here. We have worked our asses off, training harder than even before Regionals, to give us the best possible chance to perform to the best of our abilities. But, beyond this fact, our expectations for the 2013 CrossFit Games are more than anything – to enjoy the hell out of them. I believe that this is the mentality that will best exemplify our team and who we are as a gym. Between us six and the incredible cheering contingent that will populate the Home Depot Center, the representation of Paradiso CrossFit at the Games is going to be memorable. I am most excited for this weekend to walk out into the arena and find our cheering section and have our team try to kill our selves to try to put on a show for the sea of blue that is our members. Of course, the competitor in me wants to place as high as possible, but honestly, knowing their is nothing after this and how much this has fired up everyone at the gym leaves me completely calm for the weekend. We know we will not win but we damn well will have fun trying and hopefully we put on a few good shows along the way. The team appreciates all the support and we can’t wait for Friday. 

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