Jordan and The Champ

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gymnastics Strength Day!

Today we will focus on some higher skill movements like the muscle up, handstand push up, and handstand walking. The format will remain the same with two movements coupled together prioritizing quality movement and position.  In class you will be introduced to the movement standards and rep schemes.

Dip Negatives
Seated Overhead Squat stretch

Handstand Hold
Hollow hold

Muscle up ring row
Lat stretch

Shoulder taps
Deck squats

Optional cool down that may include Cartwheels!






The multi part story of my journey with PCF will continue next week because I just found out we are saying good bye to two longstanding members of the gym.  

Jordan Flacco came barrelling into our gym like a torpedo.  In no time he exhibited a metabolic conditioning engine and pain threshold that was on par with the highest levels of CrossFit.  Aside from this, he established himself as one of the most humble, hardworking, friendliest, and most liked guys in our community.  I cannot imagine MDR evenings without him but it’s his time to move on to bigger and better things.

I have observed that sometimes, especially in the case with couples, if one of them joins CrossFit and thrives, it is only a matter of months before the better half also joins.  Jordan’s better half, Jamie, tore a swath through our gym much like he did.  She exhibited a desire for doing things right, and working hard at it, that made me realize why these two work so well.  Jamie’s biggest claim to fame was in her first CrossFit competition, last years Central Coast Clash.  She asked us if she should do it, knowing that the Rx’d division was too heavy for her, but the modified division might be ‘too’ modified.  Our response was to do register for the modified division, but WIN it.  And she did.  From that moment on (picture above) her nickname from me was ‘Champ.’  

It was a pleasure to watch Jordan and Jamie grow with CrossFit and as a part of our family, to watch them tie the knot, and now to send them off to their life’s next chapter.  May both of you travel far and live free.  PCF, please join me in wishing them well . . . 

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