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Monday, July 15th 2013


Foam Roll IT bands, 1 minute each side
Leg Swings, 10 each direction each leg
Ankle Mobility, 1 minute each side
10 Good Mornings with Barbell
10 High Bar Back Squats with Barbell
10 Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Press with Barbell
10 Overhead Squats with Barbell
Jog 400 meters

Smolov Squat Cycle

High Bar Back Squat 6X6 @ 70%+, Rest at least 2 minutes

Notes: If last week’s squats were all easy, and you had zero problem with any reps, you may add between 10 & 20# this week. If they became difficult in the last few sets, and you experienced some legitimate soreness, add between 5 & 10#. If you could not complete all sets, could not walk because you were so sore, and you cursed my name daily, then do not add weight. The maximum additional weight should be no more than 30lbs over your first week.

Classic Strength

4 Rounds with 45 second rest between movements:
10 Reverse Lunges (front rack) – heaviest possible
5 Weighted Ring Dips + ME Kipping Ring Dips – heaviest possible

Notes: The lunges will be performed standing in place with weight in the front rack position, lunge backwards and then step back to your starting position. For the dips, use a DB between legs and drop after 5 reps. 5 weighted reps should be UB. If you are using a band for your dips, perform one Max Effort. Focus on full range of motion and try to practice the kipping motion.


5 rounds for reps of:
30 sec. ME Dumbell Shoulder to Overhead (50/35)
30 sec. Rest
30 sec. ME Box Jump Overs (24”)
30 sec. Rest
30 sec. ME Ab-Mat Situps
30 sec. Rest

Cool Down

2 rounds of:
10 Xiaopeng Forward with 5-10lb weight (5 each side)
Down Dog Calf Stretch, 20 each side
Wrist strengthening with light barbell, 10 each side

69201_10102451069883126_1125371946_nConcrete Hero Athletes:  Jackie, Baldo, Estelle, Kao, Sondra, Leah, Ilyse, Tara, Christian, Rene and Charlie!


The last week of the Smolov squat cycle!  Be sure to read Steve’s post from Saturday about knee pain and proper warmup if you missed it first time around.


One of the most common statements I say to both the group class and when speaking with individuals about their movement is:  reinforce good movement patterns.  Over the next couple weeks, I will be reviewing some of our teaching progressions for the olympic lifts and gymnastics.  These progressions are designed for your safety and optimal long term progress. 

Did you know we have a teaching progression for the double under?  Check it out below:

1.  Finding the Proper Jumprope length

2.  Learn the Basic Bounce

3.  The Power Jump progression

4.  Bringing it all together!

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