Be a worker.

Wednesday, July 10th 2013 

Remember that today is first the first Ultimate Frisbee metting at Venice at 5:30. The group will head down to the beach at 5:45. Feel free to bring family and friends and register in advance if possible!


2 Rounds:
Monster Walk, 10 steps
Bottom of Squat, 1 minute
Side Plank Leg Raises, 10 each
Scapular Push Ups, 10


Smolov Squat Cycle: 

High Bar Back Squat 7X5 @ 75%+, rest at least 2 minutes

Notes:  If last week’s squats were all easy, and you had zero problem with any reps, you may add between 10 & 20# this week. If they became difficult in the last few sets, and you experienced some legitimate soreness, you may add between 5 & 10#. If you could not complete all sets or could not walk because you were so sore, do not add weight.


Classic Strength: 

Front Squat 7X3, rest 90 seconds between sets

Notes:  Feel free to add weight as you go.  Work up to a maximal load with good depth and positioning.




10 Burpees

25 Double Under

Notes: Athletes without the necessary Double Under capacity can make 20 – 30 second efforts at double unders or sub parallete jump overs. 



2 rounds for quality:

50 Hollow Rocks

15Shoulder Bridges


I think the energy at the gym is at an all time high. Yes, people are fired up about the team going to the Games but that is just part of it. Every class lately is packed with people of all abilities just generally stoked to work their asses off. I am not even sure that everyone has specific goals but I see each member walk through the door prepared to put in the hard work as if they were training for the Games or some other demanding athletic endeavor. The best example I can think of is the Smolov Squat Cycle we recently implemented in our programming. I guarantee there are many of you excited about this cycle or just trying it who never thought they would be doing an intense back squat program designed by some crusty Russian weightlifting coach. But, practically every day the last few weeks, people are grinding through rep after rep of heavy squatting and coming back for more. We are slowly but surely building a extremely capable civilian army in case of a zombie apocalypse. And it is awesome to watch. 

Good interview about Kelly Starret and injury proofing, something we are working towards with our programming –

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