Mobility Group Warmup Prehab

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


2 rounds:
15 Scapula Push ups
6 T- Push-ups
8 Seated Overhead Squat stretch w/ light bar or PVC
10 Fire Hydrants (each side)
Overhead Squat (30 second hold in bottom)


20 minutes to establish a 1RM High Bar Back Squat

Notes: Once you reach the 80-90% range, take 2 minutes rest then perform a “Walkout” (simply setup like you’re going to squat, walk out of the rack, and hold the weight on your back for 5 seconds – DO NOT attempt to squat – belts are recommended for this movement) with 5-10% more than your projected maximal Squat. If you are projecting 400#, walk out with approximately 425#. After your “Walkout”, rest 2 minutes then begin your near maximal and maximal attempts. If you have not missed an attempt you may go slightly over the time limitation. Challenge yourself and go to failure.

Notes notes: Watch the video below!  We will be taking time with lighter weight to practice bailing from a maximal set back squat.


150 Burpees for time.
-20 min cap-

Notes: CrossFit Games Open standards! Chest must hit the floor every time and you must jump and touch a target exactly 6 inches above arm extension over head.

Cool down:

Jog 400 meters
Down dog ankle stretch
Couch stretch
10 Wall extensions

You may have noticed our mini mobility wods lately have taken on a new priority in how we structure the class hour.  As we continue to evolve as a community of athletes, mobility becomes an increasingly important tool to advance the  dialogue between injury prevention, rehab and performance.  While we still recognize that working on your specific needs is important, we encourage you to arrive early and attend to your “business” independently, we will begin each class ON TIME and perform the mobility as a group.  This is to ensure proper execution and safety and also afford you the opportunity to discuss with your coach any issues you have or how to modify something if needed.  Our goal is to provide you with as many prehab and mobility tools as possible to ensure a long athletic life.  As your training changes in volume and complexity, so too should the time you spend on joint prep, mobility, and flexibility (if you’ve ever seen Derrick “warm up” before a training session, he rolls out and stretches for at least an hour:)  And for those of you looking for a little more than a Down Dog ankle stretch, check out our yoga classes.  Our yogi, Kristina, puts a great deal of thought into her classes to compliment our weekly programming perfectly.


I got this.

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