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Weekly programming:  Group Class, Venice Barbell Club

Monday, June 16, 2013


2 Rounds:
Lat Stretch, 15 sec each side
Scapula Pushups, 15 reps
Bird Dogs, 15 each side
Reverse snow angels, 10 reps with 2.5lb plate
Overhead Squat, 30 second Hold with PVC or barbell

Notes:  We will be starting the above routine as a group right at the beginning of the hour!

Classic Strength:

20 minutes to practice 3 position Clean + 1 Jerk, High to Low

Notes: This is 1 Clean from high hang + 1 clean from knees + 1 clean from the floor + 1 Jerk.  Ideally these will be full squat cleans.  Focus on making contact with the bar and perfect technique for each position.

Advanced Strength:

20 minutes to find 1RM Clean and Jerk

Notes: You know the drill. Be aggressive and stay on the heels!!


12 minute AMRAP
7 Power Clean and Jerks, 155/105/85
14 Front Squats
200 meter run

Cool Down:

50 Situps
Calf Raises, 20 each leg
Foam Roll Legs

Success at the Port Town Throwdown and 5k! 

Congrats to Alexandra, Jackie, Martina, McCoy, Travis and Neal for earning 1st place in the Crossfit Team competition!  In the 5k, congrats to Graeme, who finished 1st in his age group and 2nd overall and Frank finished 2nd in his age group and 3rd overall!  Last, congrats to Leah and Charlie for running their first 5k and everyone else who came out to participate and support!  Check out the above video for highlights:)


One of the best parts of the success at local events and competitions is the reminder that what we are doing is working.  In case you have never read the history of our programming, we loosely base our regular group class and Barbell Club programming off of the Outlaw Way Competition training program.  Click here, here and here for the full 3 part series on how we developed our current programming. 

From today’s post on the Outlaw Way and the next phase of training:

After multiple discussions with Coach Pendlay about what he thinks is the biggest weakness with CrossFitters, and novice lifters in general, I have decided to focus the first 16 weeks of our off-season template on the single most important movement in all of strength training…the Squat….Our sport is one that rewards gains in overall strength with gains in overall capacity. The Squat is the most basic and useful tool for strength development.

IMG_1734  IMG_1703

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