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Friday, June 14, 2013


External/Internal rotation, 2×15
PVC Dislocates, 20 reps
OH Band Distraction

Kettlebell Strength:

5 minute VO2 Max test:

Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes perform a predetermined set of kettlebell snatches on both arms.  (Ex. Perform 10 snatches on the right, 10 snatches on the left, rest the remainder of the minute)


Notes:  Try and go up in weight this week or add 1 or 2 more reps than last time.  Try and stay consistent each set! 

Beginners-Int: 6-8 rep/side
Advanced: 9-10+ reps/side



Three rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters
Single arm hang, right arm, 15 seconds
45 pound barbell Turkish Get-up, left arm, 5 reps
Single arm hang, left arm, 15 seconds
45 pound barbell Turkish Get-up, right arm, 5 reps
30 second L-sit hold

-20 minute cap

Notes:  The arm hang is just hanging on a pullup or ring by one arm.  Use bands as needed.  You may use dumbbells or kettlebells for TGU.  L-sits can be modified with a chair-sit or hollow hold.

Cool Down:

3×15 GHD Sit ups
3×15 Back Extensions

Switch CrossFit  Switch CrossFit 2
Front door of Switch and Rick’s brother doing work at his “box” in Iraq.

One of our great members, Rick Krakowski, asked us to share his story about his brother opening a CrossFit in Detroit, MI.  Please take a moment and read their story.

Hi everyone,

Today is the grand opening of Switch CrossFit in metro Detroit.  This is an incredibly special day to me as it continues the growth of CrossFit in my hometown – but far more importantly because it is a gym that I, and indirectly all of you, have deeply influenced and caused to be.  Let me tell the story…

When my younger brother was at Western Michigan University he decided he wanted to serve and protect our country, and joined the Army as an Infantry Officer.  He has served for the past eight years, including two deployments to Iraq.  During his first deployment he was introduced to CrossFit by a fellow Officer.  The Officer taught him Olympic lifting, burpees and box jumps all while in a small remote base in the countryside of Iraq.

My brother immediately fell in love and started training heavily in addition to reading and watching everything he could find on the Internet.  He told me about this great program he discovered, but at the time I was living in New York and too busy with my career to pay attention.

Matt stuck with it though and became increasingly knowledgeable and interested.  Between deployments he became CrossFit Level 1 Certified and started to train other soldiers.  He kept telling me to try CrossFit but I wasn’t ready to listen.  He also mentioned starting a gym when he left the Military, but I told him it was a bad idea.

This past August I moved from NYC to Venice and was ready to prioritize health and fitness again as part of my life.  I was finally ready to listen, and due to my brother’s urging I joined Paradiso CrossFit.

That was when everything changed for me.  I immediately fell in love with CrossFit and the PCF community.   I started eating paleo and going to classes.  I lost 15 pounds in no time and felt the best I have in my life.  I became a true believer.  I also came to realize that starting a CrossFit gym is nothing like starting a 24 Hour Fitness.  It is a completely different thing, with a different business model, day-to-day life, and overall experience.  A conversation with Diso caused me to start digging into the numbers a bit as well as the box environment in Detroit and popularity of CrossFit in Detroit.  I came to the conclusion that although he would likely not get rich from it, there was an opportunity for my brother to pursue his passion, and continue his service to others – this time promoting health and fitness in the 9th most obese state in the country.  I told him my mind had changed and that I wanted to help him achieve this dream.

So this last December we started the process.  My brother was still in the Army based in Mississippi, so we did everything via phone and Internet until he got out in April.  We secured a location, discussed programming, got all the box plans, became an Affiliate, built the website, procured the equipment, etc etc.

We all put in a ton of hard work but today it all comes to fruition.  Today is the Grand Opening of Switch CrossFit, a box that until now you didn’t know about but you all helped to build!

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