All Day!!

Thursday, June 13

Mobility/Warm up:

OH Band Distraction
Fire Hydrants
Internal rotation stretch on bar 

Gymnastics Strength:

5 Rounds for quality:

a)  60 second Handstand/Handstand Hold
b)  5 Seated Overhead Squat Stretches with 15 to 45 lbs bar
c)  Still legged windmill, 5 reps per arm, 5 to 15 lbs dumbbell

     Notes: Perform this in a continuous circuit. For the Handstand hold, face the wall with your wrists at least 6”from the wall and only pointed toes touching the wall.

Classic Conditioning:

Run 800 meters
3 rounds:
12 Ring dips
8 Strict pull ups
Run 800 meters

-20 minute cap

Advanced Conditioning:

Row 1K
30 Muscle ups
Row 1k

-20 minute cap

Cool down:

Calf stretch, 1 minute
Wall extension, 10 reps
Cat stretch, 1 minute


Yeah Sal!!!

Talk about timing.  McCoys post yesterday about putting in the time and effort, having more bad days than good, and sticking it out, is something I’m going to build off again.  We’ve had the pleasure of meeting and training a good many people since Paradiso CrossFit opened it’s doors.  Some people start with a heavy sporting background and learn quickly though they are rife with injuries, some start with no sporting background at all and can’t squat worth a damn, and very few start with a modicum of athleticism and promise but it’s going to take a while to get them where they need to be.  Like, ‘He/she needs to come in and grind it out for at least 6 months and do everything right, every single day’ kind of athlete.  And honestly, it is a very rare person who comes in at that state and actually sticks it out for as long as they have to.  Sal Gutierrez is that person.

From the start I could tell he had a lot of work to do.  He was stiff and immobile as hell.  Every movement he performed, warm up or workout, looked like a 1 rep max even today.  The start wasn’t promising, but he was a horse.  A straight up work horse.  He always came to the gym, night after night, and grinded it out.  He had a great attitude about training and improving.  He was always talking shit and having fun and loving every bit of agony we threw at him.  I remember thinking that with the right tools, this guy’s life is going to change.  We gave him those tools and he ran with them.  Lara’s going to fix his mobility for several weeks?  No problem.  Have to eat paleo to change his body composition?  Done.  Buy lifting shoes to help with squats and get strong?  You got it.  Listen to Classic Rock instead of hip hop?  All day baby!!!!  These days he has become an invaluable and stalwart member of the community.  Indeed, there is nary a competition or party that he is not present at.

I should like to take this moment to celebrate how far Sal has come, how vastly and mind bogglingly (yes, I just made that word) he has improved, and how so very different his life has become.  Ours has certainly been enriched and improved because of you.  YEAH SAL!!  This one’s for you.

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