Slamming Bars

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Monday, June 10, 2013


2 rounds, 10 reps each
Downward Dog Ankle Stretch
Side Plank leg raises
Bird Dogs
Standing Wall Extensions

Classic Strength:

Spend 15 minutes and find a 5RM High Bar Back Squat

Notes: Focus on keeping the chest up and knees out! Try to come out of the bottom without any hip drive.

Advanced Strength:

5×5 Tempo High Bar Back Squats at 70% – Rest 90 seconds

Notes: Quick descent, 3 seconds in the rock bottom and fast on the way up! Use the bounce!

Classic Conditioning :

7 Rounds:
7 Power Clean (95/65)
7 Push Press
7 Front Squats
-20 minute cap-

Notes:  Be sure to scale the weight to ensure both quality movement and high intensity!

Advanced Conditioning:

7 rounds:
7 Power snatch (95/65)
7 Snatch balance
7 Overhead squat
-20 minute cap-

Cool Down:

Row 500 meters slowly
then, 2 rounds of 10 reps each:
PVC Dislocates
Standing Wall Extensions


The above video defines Jon North’s attitude about weightlifting…commit to your success!  He is attempting to snatch more weight than anyone could even Clean and Jerk in the room.   Watching him throw his body under that weight was intense.  Twice I thought he injured himself, but he kept getting back up for more.  He has to accept the possibility of injury and 340lbs falling on his head.  You can hear him think out loud, using one of his signature lines is to remind himself that he is a freak athlete, before he stating fuck it, if it falls on me, it falls on me…and then goes for it. 

There were so many great moments during the seminar.  I want to thank Jon for sharing his passion and knowledge with all of us.  If you attended, please share not only what you thought of the seminar as a whole, but any big take-aways you had.  Here are a few of mine:

1.  Perform a lot of volume with light weight, ie just the barbell.  We did A LOT of reps and drills with just the barbell, playing around with positions and reinforcing movement patterns.

2.  This is a sport about who can lift more weight, not about who looks the best.  Study different techniques, be willing to experiment and find what works best for you!

3.  Buy weightlifters insurance!  Translation:  If you know you miss your snatch and jerk in front of you 99.9% of the time, focus on getting the bar back!  Sidenote:  We will be teaching how to miss the bar behind us SAFELY, especially in the snatch and high bar back squat.

4.  Massive doses of caffeine is the best fuel for lifting heavy weights!

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