Are you sore?

Friday, June 7, 2013


Posterior Chain Floss
External shoulder rotation with band
Foam Roll as Necessary


5X2 Hi-Hang Cleans + 1 Jerk – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

Notes: A hang clean should allow perfect position, hamstring loading, and hip contact. Make sure to be patient to the hips and find the hang position where you are most powerful. The Jerk can be a Push Jerk or a Split Jerk.

Classic Conditioning:

3 Rounds of:

50 Parallette jump overs
30 push-ups
20 v-ups
-18min cap-

Notes:  Each jump over is one rep.  Scale the pushups to incline as needed to maintain form and intensity.  V-ups should finish sitting on just your tailbone, scale to a tuckup as needed.

Advanced Conditioning

3 rounds for total working time of:

50 Double-Unders
15 Toes to Bar
-18min cap –

Cool Down:

Calf Stretch
15-20 PVC Dislocates
T-Spine smash with foam roll

This guy’s a DAD!! Make sure to congratulate him on his new baby girl!!!

I have been hearing a lot of you talk about how sore you are this week.  If you came to classes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday you have to be feeling it a little bit.  You thought Thursday was going to be easier because there was very little intensity and you weren’t touching a barbell, that backfired real quick.  

If you find yourself unusually sore, take a step back and look at the whole picture.  Is it just the programming thats causing all this soreness?  Have you been eating clean?  Getting enough rest?  Drinking water? Have you been doing your mobility before and after WOD’s?  

It is especially important during these brutal weeks to make sure you are doing mobility work before and after class.  If you have certain aches and pains check out the Prehab/Rehab link on the main page and try some of the strength/mobility exercises Dr. Steve prescribes.  And don’t forget about foam rolling.  You ask any CrossFitter and they’ll tell you the best way to get rid of soreness and increase mobility is foam rolling.  Spend time this weekend and next week performing maintenance on your body and you will see the benefits in no time.

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