Another Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


15 Hip Extensions
Posterior Chain Floss w/ Band
15 Bird Dogs each side
10 Inch Worms

Classic Strength:

5×3 Deadlifts, rest 60-90 seconds

Notes:  These are not touch and go reps.  We want you to build up in weight and focus on a strong set up, pull and descent for each rep.

Advanced Strength:

7X3 Banded Deadlifts @ 55% Bar Weight + 25% Band Tension – rest exactly 60 seconds.

Notes: Only use the bands on the deadlift if you feel confident that you can maintain a straight back and good form. These are not touch and go reps.


Run 800m

at 5 minutes:

7min amrap

7 hang Power cleans 185/125/85

15 over the bar burpees

Rest 2 min, then at 14 minutes:

Run 800m

Notes:  After the 800m run you will rest the remainder of the 5 minutes before starting on the amrap.  There is a 2 minute rest, before finishing with the second run.  Your score will be time/amrap/time.

Cool Down

Calf Stretch
Reverse Plank

Handstand off

The following video is a very cool compilation of EVERY lift from the Goodland Open Weightlifting Meet at Santa Barbara Strength. Alexandra Causey and I are featured here, which is great, but I wanted to post this video for two reasons. The first is that if any member, VBC attendee or otherwise, has any thought of doing one of these meets, watching this video should remove all reservations. Every meet I have been to has all levels of lifters represented. So the next meet that comes around and I start talking about it, SIGN UP! The second reason I wanted to post this is because this video is a good study in technique. As the weight on the bar increases and the video progresses, notice the change in movement patterns and what it takes to lift these heavier weights. 

This video is embedded in Facebook so hopefully this link works. I shared it on Gym Members and the VBC page.


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