Tuesday, May 28, 2013


10 PVC Dislocates
15 Reverse Snow angels
20 Prone dislocates
Monster Walks


15 minutes to work to a 1RM Hang Snatch

Notes: A hang snatch should allow perfect position, hamstring loading, and hip contact. Make sure to be patient to the hips and find the hang position where you are most powerful. Many lifters can hit their 1RM from the hi hang. This should be a squat snatch but newer, less mobile lifters should land in the deepest position possible with a good overhead position and then try to go slightly deeper into the squat with each rep.

Conditioning:  Partner Workout

Row – 4000m alternating every 250m, for time.

Notes: Partners rotate each 250m until 4000m. These should be sprint/all out efforts

Midline/Cool down:

20 Sit ups
1 minute Plank hold


“This is what the clean and jerk looks like in training: you go into the gym and put a new personal record on the bar. You begin to pull the thing, and in the back of your mind there is a little fucking gremlin that convinces you it is too heavy. With style points, you just pick it up slowly into your hips, 
but you are too chickenshit to go under the bar.
A week goes by, and this time you make up your mind not to look like a nob-head. You get set, pull, finish hard and move under. No chance! The bar shoots your ass back about five feet, sending you crashing into the wall behind you. A few more crashes like this and you are likely to bring the whole damn gym down.
Another week goes by, and this time you pull it, finish hard, and receive it with your elbows up, 
but you fail to stand up.
Two more weeks go by, and this time you pull it, finish hard, receive it and stand up with a struggle. You are so excited at this point you begin to get dizzy, and as you try to jerk you have nothing left in you, so you just dump it off of you and collect yourself as you sit down.
Another week goes by and this time you clean the weight beautifully. You dip and drive the bar to lockout but fail to gain control in the split.
Another two weeks go by, and this time you clean it and jerk it like a champion. Your coach says, “Down,” and with a sense of pride you give the air a double fist pump. The last time you felt this good was when your girlfriend whispered vehemently in your ear, “You are an absolute god in bed.”
Now put on another kilo and do it all over again.
Weeks will eventually turn into months, months into years. Nevertheless, that is weightlifting.”
-Donny Shankle, From the CrossFit Journal
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