How Durable Are You?

Friday, May 24, 2013


Fire Hydrants (10 each leg)
Foam Roll Quads/IT Band


5×2 HBBS @80%- rest 60 seconds

Conditioning: Team Regionals Workout #6

50 Double Unders EACH
50 HSPU’s or Push-Ups
50 Toes to Bar or V-ups
50 Shoulder to Overhead 160/100
90 foot walking lunge with your barbell in the rack position

Notes: Only one partner works at a time. One partner holds a handstand (or plank) while the other partner works on their handstand push-ups. While one partner works on the shoulder to overhead the other partner must hold the rack position.  Partners lunge together.  If space is limited, this can be performed with kettlebells.

-20 minute cut off-

Cool Down:

400 m Run
10 Wall Extensions
Supported Ankle Stretch


Staying with the theme of this week, let’s talk CrossFit Games 2013.  I overheard an interesting conversation today and wanted to pose the question to the PCF community.  Are the CrossFit Games really finding the fittest man/woman on the planet?  Or is it finding the most durable man/woman on the planet?  Either way, I don’t care.  What they do is ridiculous.

I like to think that the games are pretty successful at finding the fittest person on the planet but I can understand the alternate view.  Six painful, ridiculous CrossFit workouts in 3 days….I don’t know how they do it.  Of course these workouts are heavy weights at high skill levels and many of us can perform most of these movements but I think there’s only a small percentage of everyday CrossFit athletes that can really compete at this level.  Obvious statement, I know.  For me, I can perform every single movement that was presented at the regionals this past weekend.  Nowhere near the level as these competitors, but I can do it.  I would have made it through Friday, but I guarantee I wouldn’t have shown up on Saturday.  I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms!  

After being at Regionals on Sunday, the biggest and most impressive thing I take away from the individual athletes and especially our PCFV team is how well they recover.  It is absolutely mind blowing how they can still perform these high skill level moves after they just beat themselves up for two days, 4 workouts.  I know I can’t do that.  So one more “Congrats!” to our team, you guys are mind blowing athletes!! 



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