Wax On

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gymnastics Day!

Warm up:

Wrist Mobility
30 Second Plank Hold
30 Bar activations


We will be working on Pulling, Single Leg, Pushup and Arch strength in the same format as two weeks ago.

Cool down:

Row 500 meters or Jog 400 meters
Bask and revel in your new gymnastics skills



Some of you may have noticed we no longer have our Gymnastics Basic Strength training tab on the left anymore.  Coach Sommer, the originator of the program, requested that we do not share this information freely and without permission.  But rest assured, we are currently working with him to bring you the information and the gold mine of progressions to get started on mastering your own body.  If you were here last week you may have noticed the progressions were truly basic, rank beginner status, as it should be.  For example:

Rope Climb – surprisingly, the first progression starts with pulling strength from the seated position on rings.

Side Lever – also known as a ‘flagpole’, the beginning movement is actually an arch rock hold to build strength in the lower back.  When I first saw that I was like, No effing duh.  So obvious and brilliant..


If you’re a child of the 80’s, maybe 90’s, and have seen the original Karate Kid you know where ‘Wax On’ came from.  Daniel wanted to be a black belt and learn the crazy cool stuff NOW, but Mister Miyagi wasn’t having it.  The old master knew and understood the value of building a strong foundation.  Gymnastics day and the drills contained herein are the epitome of ‘Wax On.’ 

Read this:  Virtuosity, by Greg Glassman



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