Well that happened…

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Arm circles w/ theraband
2o Scapular Push Ups
10 Push Ups
20 Fire Hydrants each leg
10 Inch Worms


3X10 Bench @70% – Rest 3 minutes between sets

Notes:  If you do not know your 1RM, work up to a heavy set of 10 reps.  It is ok to fail!


Regionals workout #5:

In Teams of two, each perform:

21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlift 275/185
Box Jumps 30/24
-12 min cut off-

Notes: One partner will perform the entire workout first, when the first is done, the second will have to change the weight on the bar and box jump height and then perform the workout. The score will be the total time. To make this more fun, team up with someone using a different deadlift weight and box jump height. Use your workout weight from Diane last week as a guideline.


Cool Down

Calf Stretch
Foam Roll


There is not  a lot I can say about this last weekend that has not already been said. It was an incredible blur of effort, success, frustration, and fun. Both the spectacle of the venue for this years Regionals and the amount of people who came out to see it, especially those members who drove from LA to cheer us on, was far more than I imagined. It was, as we had hoped for, a coming out party for our team and our gym. While finishing 4th is silly to think about in terms of how far we have come, it certainly gives the team some pause to think about how close we were to the Games. We were 20 points away from third place by the end of the weekend, a sizable margin, but not one that was completely out of reach when taking the whole weekend into account and where we could have improved and gained ground.

I thought I would be relieved that Regionals is over so I could go back to a more relaxed, weightlifting centric style of training. But, this weekend vindicated our training as a team and we (even me) are more fired up than ever to get back to the intense training that got us to this point. We will hopefully spend the next year working towards making up those 20 points and moving beyond Regionals to the Games in Carson. I never thought I would say this, but it is within reach.

Our gym is not, and will never be, geared towards competition. But I believe if a few of us choose to take this CrossFit thing to somewhat of an extreme, it has a trickle down effect to every member in terms of pushing limits and people continuing to work hard and do things they did not think possible. That is still the heart of what we do. Thank you to everyone at PCF for their support this last weekend and all the kind words I have heard this week. 

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