The Team.

Come test your 5k at Base Camp today!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Foam Roll – Lats, Thoracic, IT Band..etc.
Active Hang – 1 minute
15 Scapular Push Ups

Gymnastics Strength:

ME Double unders in 2 Minutes
ME Pullups (kipping)
ME Pushups
ME Handstand Hold – Ideally in free space
ME Rope Climbs in 2 Minutes

 Notes:  Take about 25 minutes to find your best score for all of these gymanstic elements.  Feel free to perform them in any order.


2k Row for time


3 x ME L-Sit Hold 

 Notes:  Our new standard for this movement will be on the floor with no parallettes.  Rest as needed between sets and still feel free to use parallettes/boxes as needed.

Our Event 7 anchor – Suver. 

This afternoon our Regional Team  finished the last workouts for the week and will be taking the next two days to rest before Friday and day one the 2013 SoCal Regionals. I can honestly say that we have trained our asses off in preparation for this event. That fact makes us all the more anxious to perform well and do what we think we are capable of. This should be a coming out party for us and our aspirations are high. Regardless of the results, I know we will put absolutely everything we have into the weekend and hopefully, after Event 7 on Sunday we will be rewarded. All of us – Lara Erlank, Lauren Gravatt, Jessica Suver, Joseph Dieguez, Jesse Baz, and myself (McCoy) – are ready. 

The SoCal Regional will be a spectacle, compromising some of the best athletes and teams in the world. The workouts are brutal and the weekend will be well worth the visit. If you can make it to watch, we would love to see you in Del Mar. Here is a link to the workouts for the weekend so you can see what we have in store – Event 1 will kickoff with Lara and Joe D on “Pair Jackie”. Event 2 and 3 will be the whole team accumulating as many reps of burpee muscle ups and as much weight as possible for an Overhead Squat 3RM.  Saturday will start with the whole team on Event 4 in relay fashion and Event 5 will see Jesse and Suver finishing the day with heavy deadlifts and box jumps.  Lauren and I will start the day with Event 6 and the axle bar and the whole team will come together for the final Event 7 rope climb/squat clean relay. We should be in the last heat of 10 teams for the weekend, making the intensity extremely high. Again, we would love to see you out there and we appreciate all the support we have received. I always tell myself I will not get  sucked in to all this “competitive exercise stuff but I am excited for what will be one hell of a weekend and we hope to represent Paradiso CrossFit to the absolute bleeding edge of our abilities. 

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