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Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Warm up/Mobility:

Olympic Squat on Wall, 2 minutes
Active Bar Hang, 1 minute cumulative
Gristle/Groiners, 1 minute

Classic Strength:

7×2 Tempo High Bar Back Squat @75%-rest 60 seconds

     Notes: Focus on position at the bottom, keeping chest up and weight in the heels! Quick descent, 5 seconds in the rock bottom, bounce quick back up.

Advanced Strength:

1X20 High Bar Back Squat

     Notes: This should be a maximal set. Try to go for heavier weight than last week, otherwise try 70% of your 1RM. Make sure to hit absolute depth with every rep.

Conditioning, Partner WOD!:

4 Rounds each, relay style
12 Handstand Push ups or Push ups
15 Toes to Bar or V-Ups
500 meter row

-30 minute cap-

Cool down:

Couch stretch, 1 minute per leg
Down dog calf stretch, 20 per leg
Go to the beach


No distractions, Topper.

Today’s excellent post on the human body from Coach Steve!


Pain is not normal. I’m not referring to that pain you experience when your muscles are filled with lactic acid after a strenuous workout, I’m talking about injury.  You should never feel pain while working out, that is not normal. I do understand that injuries will happen, but its not because they should happen, rather they occur because you failed to properly take care of your body. Inadequate warm up, lack of stretching, excessive stress from work, poor diet from drinking all weekend, whatever the case maybe, your body did not fail you, you failed your body. The human body is an incredible machine that unlike any other machine, CAN self sustain and heal itself. So it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to learn how to keep it running in tip top shape. To give everyone the benefit of the doubt, none of us were given a manual on exactly how to treat ourselves properly, in fact, as far as I know, no such thing exists. There are many theories on proper nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep, stress, but no absolutes. Why? Because everyone is different! And thats a good thing! But, what do we do?

Listen to your body, pay attention to what its telling you. If you always hurt your back when you snatch, are you listening to McCoy he tells you keep your core tight and chest up? Are you videotaping your form to truly see where the breakdown is occurring? If you always have pain lifting anything overhead, well maybe you have tight lats/pecs, weak periscapular musculature, so what are you doing to fix the problem? Doing your prehab exercises? If you don’t know what to do who are you asking for advice? NO ONE is perfect but the answers are always there, its whether or not you choose to see them. Constantly educate yourself, learn from your mistakes, use your coaches, take advantage of all the incredible resources on the PCF website. Your body is your machine, neglect her and she will be vindictive, treat her well and you can achieve a level of health you’ve never imagined. 


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