The California Burger

Friday, May 10, 2013


Overhead Band Distraction
External Rotation w/Theraband
PVC Dislocates- 15 reps

Kettlebell Warm up:

Every 90 seconds for 6 minutes (last set is on the 6th minute)

5 to 6 KB Thrusters, heavy
10 to 12 KB Box steps, 20”

     Notes:  Do not let go of the kettlebells.  You may progressively load up.  Dumbbells may be used.


3 Rounds for time of

21 KB Snatch, Right arm
21 KB Snatch, Left arm
14 Pistols

-15 minute cap-

Summer Six Packs: 

2 Rounds of:

20 GHD Sit ups
20 Good mornings

Thats a sweat angel.

I recently took a fishing trip to northern Wisconsin with my Dad, brother, and Uncle.  It was a great trip even though the fish weren’t biting.  We do this trip every year and I really look forward to being out on the water with the “old man” and my two best friends, brother Mike and Uncle Bob.  I don’t get to see them that often due to my location in southern California so I really cherish these days and try to take it all in.  Being in the “Northwoods” limits the amount of internet and cell phone access, which these days can be difficult.  I was able to enjoy every moment without these distractions, and it was great.  I didn’t realize how much I needed this trip to just slow down.  I feel mentally refreshed.  I love northern Wisconsin for this exact reason.  I suggest to everyone that they try and find that solitude in nature with your loved ones.  It gives you time to regroup and clear your mind.

What I don’t love about Wisconsin is the food that is available.  The winters can be long and harsh and fresh produce is scarce.  It was so hard to find vegetables at restaurants and forget about finding any at a bar grill.  The only food available was burger patties, burger buns, sausage, bacon (boom!), cheese, and pizza.  There are obviously grocery stores, but they were a good 45 minutes away.  The one common theme at every restaurant we went to was the California burger, which I find to be hilarious. This burger, unlike every other burger, contained a bun, burger patty, lettuce, and tomato.  Really?  That’s a California burger?  This was about as healthy as it comes in the Northwoods.  

This isn’t a knock on Wisconsin by any means, what I’m getting at is I love California because of the quality of food.  We have so many options year round.  My favorite meals and favorite activities are all focused around Farmer’s Markets.  Fresh food just tastes better.  Quality meat just tastes better.  Restaurants don’t look at you weird when you order a burger without the bun or ask for a side of vegetables instead of fries.  I was excited to get back home for so many reasons; I missed my morning classes, I missed my dog, but most of all I missed feeling healthy.  Almost a week of eating like crap took a toll on me and, although the scale doesn’t show it, I feel heavy, bloated, and sluggish.  My body was not starving from food, it was starving for nutrients.  Since I got back in to town I’ve been eating a boat load of greens and organic grass fed beef.  After 2 days I already feel better and it’s proof that what you put into your body has such a great effect on your total health.  I know that’s an obvious statement but being in Wisconsin for 5 days and seeing how people live; lots of drinking, eating unhealthy food, and  smoking multiple packs a day, I realized that there are parts of the world that aren’t as lucky as us.  I’ve said it before but we are so priveleged to be surrounded by people with similar health concerns and a climate that supplies us with the most nutritious foods Mother Earth provides.       


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