Group Warmup/Mobility

DROM – emphasize neck

Wrist Stretches, 5-10 reps each position

Wrist Strengthening – 2×5 reps each hand, each position


Handstand Body Positioning

5×30 sec Supine/Prone Handstand with Weighted PVC

5 reps, standing shoulder extension with weighted PVC


Handstand Balance

5×60 sec Tripod/Headstand/Forearm Headstand

5 reps, seated shoulder flextion with weighted bar (weighted PVC-45lbs)



5×15 reps Tuck/Straddle/V ups

5 reps each arm, Stiff Legged Windmill (2.5-15lbs)


Straddle Planche

5×15 Scapular Shrugs

3 reps each leg, straddle running man


Cool Down

2×10 Jefferson Curls

10 standing dislocates with weighted PVC


Gymnastics n’ Stuff

Today will be the first day of Gymnastic Strength Training implementation for regular class. These drills and progressions will cycle every other week and will form the basis for the entirety of our members to vastly improve their gymnastic ability through a linear approach similar to how we progress with barbell movements. Gymnastics tends to be far more nuanced then adding weight to your back squat and in my experience, becoming a half-way competent gymnast (from a CrossFit perspective) takes a long time but will result in a more well rounded, injury proof athlete. It is critical for those of you coming in today to be diligent to every progression and build slowly. These progressions will start to show up regularly in Group Class so learning them properly is key. This is a long term approach and the later progressions require complete mastery of the previous movements and rep schemes. I guarantee that these gymnastic training days will be a novel challenge for every athlete. Keep in mind that something like seven of the ten top female finishers at last years CrossFit Games were former gymnasts and that the body control, strength, and mobility of even low level gymnasts is a hugely advantageous baseline for any sport. 

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