Day 1.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Overhead Band Distraction
Active Hang, 1 min
Plank Hold, 1 min
Assisted Bottom of the Squat, 1 min

Gymnastics Strength

3 Rounds of Alternating movements:
-ME weighted push up, rest 30 seconds
-ME weighted pull up, rest 30 seconds

Notes:  Scale down as needed and focus on perfect form!  If you do not yet have a strict pullup, perform 3 rounds of 7 “negative” reps by jumping to the top, hold for 2 seconds and then take 3 seconds to lower.  Jump to the top to start each rep, be sure to maintain control the entire way and use bands as needed.  If you did not perform your Pullup/Pushup tests for the Challenge do that for your first round!


3X5 Front Squat, rest 60 sec

Notes:  Advanced athletes, use 75% of your 1RM.  Newer athletes, try to add weight each round.

  Everyone work for good depth and form!


Run 1 mile

Rest 3 minutes

Run 1 mile

 Notes:  The first mile run should be an all out effort!  See how much you can recover in the 3 minutes and go for it again!  If you are participating in the Challenge, you might want to take it easy on the Front Squats:)

Cool Down

Calf Stretch
Active Hang, 1 min


Monday was Day 1. The Open ended on Sunday and through incredible effort and support, our gym is heading to Regionals with very real intentions of competing for the next level. But, this success is only a fraction of the accomplishment and realizations that our gym experienced over the last five weeks.

So Monday was Day 1 for everyone. For the Regional team it was the first day of a month of focused hard training leading up to Del Mar. For everyone at Paradiso, it was Day 1 of the rest of the year of training. The Open is a great enlightener as to where an athlete is in their progress, at least from the standpoint of a “CrossFitter”. While it is by no means the end all of fitness, the Open does make an athlete aware of their strengths and weaknesses, what they are capable of and what they need to work on. The Open should make an athlete see the bigger picture in their training and realize the steps they need to take to get better. I urge everyone to think about where they want to be next year, set goals, and then go about systematically taking steps toward achieving those goals.  

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