Thursday, April 4, 2012

Many athletes may take a rest day to come in fully recovered for Friday Night Lights.

EIEC Tip of the Day:  It never ends.  Just because this challenge is coming to an end, does not mean your food habits will end also.  This was a kick start to a lifestyle change we hope you will continue.  It does NOT mean you have to be as rigid with your choices but it does mean we want you to look at food critically and with a deep understanding of how it’s going to affect not only your performance but also your mood and your life.

Warm up/Mobility:

Posterior Chain Floss
Groiner with band
Super rack

Classic Strength:

EMOTM for 7 minutes perform:

            1 Power Clean + 2 Front Squats (heavy)

     Notes:  Work up to a weight that you feel comfortable BUT will challenge you while focusing on good form.  Focus on keeping abs/core tight and achieving full depth on the Front Squats.


Advanced Strength:

EMOTM for 5 minutes perform:

            2 Clean & Jerk @ 75%

-then, when the clock hits 5:00-

2 minute AMRAP of:

            Clean & Jerk @ 75%

     Notes:  Focus on quality over quantity.  Try to move consistently over the 2 minutes and focus on perfect form every time.



4 Rounds for total working time of:

-Row 500m
-14 Lateral Burpees (over bar)
-7 Power Snatches (135/95/75)

-30 min Time Cap-

     *Notes:  One partner will start on the rower, while the other is resting.  When one begins the snatches, the other can begin the row.  Each athlete will complete 4 rounds of the above in this manner.  Choose a pace on the Row that is roughly 90% of your best 500m.  All 4 rounds should be at that pace, with the Burpees and Snatches being all out efforts.

Cool Down:

10 Wall Extensions
Active bar hang, 30 seconds
Samson Stretch, 30 seconds


Almost that time . . .

     This is the last week of the Open, and as I’m writing this 13.5 has not been announced yet.  I’ve been through enough of these things to not really be nervous about how awful it’s going to be.  They are all awful.  


 . . . Annnnd they just announced it, and I’m nervous.  But what I actually want to know is, What are your training plans AFTER the Open, and are you already planning on how you’re going to improve for next year?  5 Weeks of competitive WODs is white knuckle exciting, but can also be draining.  Last year I took a few months to experiment with Westside Barbell Box Squats and Strict Presses, then trained for my Sprint Tri.  

    This year I plan on taking about a week off of heavy lifting just to let my body heal, then it’s back to the drawing board with gymnastic basics, specifically Back Lever, Bridging, and Planches.  Just have more fun and see what happens.   More beach volleyball, more rock climbing and surfing.  

     For next year, I want to actually ‘reverse’ my training season.  By which I mean, the shape I was in for the Sprint Tri was the shape I should have been in for The Open, but my dumbass was too dense to see that in time.  So I’m going to do it right next year.  

     Let’s hear your plans and takeaways PCF.


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